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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sen. John McCain's Complaint Against Tribal Attorney Belies His Cronyism: Susan Bradford

Susan Bradford has a hard-hitting post on John McCain. McCain apparently doesn't like Howard Dickstein.

Any official actions Sen. John McCain undertakes must be evaluated within the context of what the Senator and/or his fundraisers and cronies stand to benefit politically or financially from those decisions. Bereft of any principles beyond self-interest, McCain has established a long pattern of accusing rivals of corruption in order to eliminate them from markets so that his allies can cash in.

Most recently, McCain wrote a letter to the National Indian Gaming Commission to complain about fees billed by tribal attorney Howard Dickstein, the lawyer for the Thunder Valley Casino, which is owned by the United Auburn Indian Community. Dickstein earned a reported $26 million during a six-year period ending in 2009. The contract, which incorporated a two percentage cut of the casino’s profits, amounted to a “lapse in oversight authority,” the Senator wrote in his letter. OP: Interesting that McCain is concerned about high fees, yet, remarkably is UNCONCERNED about the $500 MILLION that tribes have stolen from Indians via disenrollment

In response, Dickstein remarked on McCain’s longstanding desire to enhance the power of the NIGC, which the Senator’s allies control, to oversee and approve tribal contracts with business partners. “He’s trying to resurrect something that died an early death,” the attorney said, conceding that the Senator “has no idea the value of the services our firm rendered” to the tribe and casino.

On the contrary, the Senator understands the value quite well. However, McCain is intent upon securing lucrative contracts for his fundraisers and allies in Indian Country by sponsoring legislation he can then selectively enforce, or twist, to his own ends.

Reflecting the hypocrisy and hollowness of McCain’s latest allegations, according to the Village Voice, Roger Stone, a fundraiser for the Senator who helped set up Republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff for wrongful conviction, earned both flat fees and percentages of future casino revenues through deals he negotiated with tribes and developers. McCain has yet to challenge Stone over these practices.

The Senator also has a longstanding interest in this United Auburn Indian Community, a tribe that allegedly consists of Miwuk and Maidu Indians indigenous to the Sacramento Valley region.

Most legitimate tribes were established through the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, which provided a mechanism through which Natives could organize themselves into self-governing tribal communities that were recognized by the federal government. Given the opportunity, however, the Auburn Indians rejected federal recognition

Read more at Susan Bradford’s Investigative Reports


smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
I'm probably one of those getting cut...such a sad day for all natives: (Praying for "Unity" for all tribes everywhere.)

Would you tell us the name of this this "Tribe?" Or is it that you are "Afraid Of The Consequences" of doing so?

Anonymous said...

Howard Dickstein's percentage from Pala's Tribe is rumoured to be between 5-8% of the Net Casino Profits.

It is rumoured that Robert Smith and Howard Dickstein are the only knowledgeable parties to this action.

With the help and guidance of Howard Dickstein, Robert Smith has taken complete control of the Pala Band. Howard Dickstein has done this with every single tribe that he is affliated with, not just Rumsey (who fired him), but United Auburn (Thunder Valley) and Pala.

The question is, how far does Dickstein's reach go into the government, the FBI, etc.

Howard's wife, Jeanine English, is on the California Board of Governors, an oversite committee of the California Bar Association.



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