Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tribal Disenrollment, Nooksack Style: Dial 1-800 YOURESCREWED and ASK NO QUESTIONS

Bob Kelly
Chief Justice of Nooksack Kangaroo Court
We are getting word of the disgusting Dialing for Destruction  of the Nooksack 306 today.   They are supposed to get 10 minutes, but it appears that is not happening.

Here are some excerpts of what is going on, I will ADD more as I get them:

NEW:  Today I had my 10 minute telephonic hearing with the holdover council. I started by letting hem know that this disenrollment hearing is illegal. The council does not hold a quorum because the seats of Lona Johnson, Abbie Smith, Rick George and Kathernine Canete have expired in March of 2016. I then shared my oral history which must have struck a nerve because Bob Solomon tried to rudely interrupt me to tell me that I am screwing up his family tree. I reminded him that this is my 10 minutes not his and his job was to be quiet and listen. I stood firm in my ways, spoke from the heart and on behalf of my late mother and grandmother. I will not be bullied by a fake council and I am not scared to stand up to them and speak the truth. Our history is not made up, first of all we have our oral history and second we have the documentation to prove our Nooksack heritage. I am Nooksack, Will always be Nooksack and I will never leave Nooksack. You cannot take away our birthright. 

I only got5 minutes of my 10 minutes for the charade conference call. My angle was questioning their morals, leadership, why a "teleconference" asked, why can't they face us with this?
And I went at them Spiritually with their lack of respect, pointing fingers at Nooksack elders is not our culture, our traditions states we are all one people, and I told them my Uncle George Adams (#307) said there is no word for "disenrollment" in the Nooksack language...I said, oh that's right you wouldn't know cause you wouldn't let him teach. Then I heard a "click"....
I just gotoff the phone on a 6 minute call. Rick George announced me and I told them who I was and enrollment #. I also asked them to speak louder because I am an elder of the Nooksack Tribe witout coucil because they denied me that right. 

I am asked to announce myself and am told it is an closed meeting. Our lawyer Gabe Galanda was not allowed into the conference call. They do not announce themselves and tell me I have 10 minutes. No instructions. I informed them per the letter from the Secretary of Interior any actions after March 2016 are null and void and they could be sued for violating my rights for council. I asked if they received the letter dated yesterday from Larry Roberts and their response was "They are not here to answer any questions just to listen.

OP:  This is shameful and looks bad on all Indian Country....please, share and spread the news of this outrage.

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