Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SO you Want To BOYCOTT Some Indian Casinos? Here's a SAMPLE LETTER to send them

I've gotten so many comments about boycotting tribal casinos of tribes who disenroll their own people for cash.  Well if you stop going,  HOW WILL they know the reason, if you don't tell them?    I've put together a sample letter than you can use to send to your choice of casinos to boycott, feel free to modify to your needs and fill in the blanks.  

Dear (Insert Tribal Name) Tribe 

I will no longer support tribal businesses that violates the civil and human rights of their people.  Your tribes disgusting actions include:

•Stripping tribal members of their citizenship
•Denial voting rights to members
•Taking away rightful healthcare to seniors
•Blocked access to land on the reservation
•Denying members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
•Threatened others if they speak out
•Subjected some to ex post facto laws. 

I choose to spend my entertainment budget on companies that support civil and human rights any yours obviously does not.

The action of stripping citizenship from American Indians is wrong. What is going on in casino tribes who disenroll is wrong.  The casting away of Elders and Children IS NOT THE INDIAN way.  Dancing on the graves of the ancestors, while increasing their per capita is worse. 
Thank you for your excellent service in the past.    If (Insert Tribal name) ever changes their course of action, stops wielding sovereignty as a club and brings all the people home, I will gladly come back to your tribal enterprise.   

Don't be silent anymore!  Be proactive.   Share with your friends, ask them to do the same.

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