Friday, February 10, 2012

Letter: Attack On San Manuel's James Ramos Deceitful

A good letter on the deceitful tactics that SB Supervisor Neil Derry is using in his campaign with James Ramos, of San Manuel.  We know there are legitimate attacks on some tribal chairman, such as Pala's Robert Smith and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Mark Macarro

Attack on Ramos deceitful

In any healthy democratic society, political discourse means candidates will disagree on issues and attempt to convince voters that the quality of their positions and character is evidence of their superior leadership. Unfortunately, a candidate also can smear his opponent, who in this case is a dedicated public servant (“Gang allegations show gloves off in S.B. County race,” Feb.5).

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry is using a deceitful and pathetic flier trying to tie his opponent, James Ramos, to “gang members,” “drug dealers” and “killers for hire.”

I am the retired police chief of Redlands. Ramos has never been tied to criminals. He is a good, decent man who has selflessly served the public in a wide variety of ways. Derry’s assertion that he was somehow tied to that activity — simply because he is a member of the San Manuel tribe — is at best illogical, and at worse, an expression of racism.

His assertion is akin to a claim that because a former member of the Board of Supervisors has been linked to criminal behavior, Derry himself should be tied to criminals.

Derry should immediately retract his disgraceful position, apologize and focus on the issues important to the voters in the 3rd District.

We all deserve better from him.

Jim Bueermann
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