Monday, November 29, 2010

Pechanga Steals $4,700,000 per month, no news; Gives $42,000 to charities and Local News Swoon

That's right.  Pechanga steals $4.7 million per month, (per capita was $20,000 per month when Hunter Family was disenrolled, over 235 people cut off, including Manuela Miranda family).    They just gave a WHOPPING $42K to some local charities.

Now let's see,  Pechanga keeps an additional $53 MILLION per year, yet gives out about 100 grand.   Let's put this in perspective:

A housewife, spends all day cleaning the home, from top to bottom, windows, dusts the house including baseboards, bathrooms, five loads of laundry, dusts the blinds, changes the sheets mows the yard, front AND back, takes the kids to school and soccer practice, cooks dinner, sews her own clothes, does dishes and puts them away.   Then the husband proudly says,  "look honey, I emptied my OWN ashtray!"

Newspapers:   $42,000 is NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

You can control what goes into the newspapers when you spend big bucks advertising in the newspaper. All you have to do is threaten to remove all of your advertising and the newspaper bends over backwards to please you. Pechanga is corrupt!!Mark Macarro is very corrupt!!! Other tribes laugh at Macarro because he is so stupid. He will eventually be the person to blame for the end of tribal sovereignty. He will go down in the history books for his disgraceful acts against his own people. His ancestors knew Paulina Hunter personally and are shaking their heads in disapproval at Mark. What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

According to these numbers, $470,000 or 10% would be a more pleasing number to give away to charities. That would have taken away from our story, but they gave less than 1%. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. Get back in your skin. Pechanga never stole $4.7 million per month. Pechanga did stop paying that money to the non-members after their removal from the tribe because they no longer qualifed for per capita under federal law. So these monies went instead to the deserving tribal members. Please stop spreading falsities and mis-informing others.

OPechanga said...

The Hunter family not only met all requirements for membership AS PROVEN by the Pechanga tribe's hired expert, they also qualified the law established by the Band to halt ALL disenrollments.

Ergo, THEFT of all rights, including per capita.

Please expound on the term: DESERVING

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Pechanga was paying $268,000 per year in per capita payments in 2005 to 95 Hunter adults, and over $15,000 a month to something like 140 Manuela Miranda adults.

What does that work out to? Since they were wrongfully disenrolled, it's THEFT.

Anonymous said...

This "hired expert" picks and chooses what he wants. I and my family are Chumash from the coastal lands, not Santa Ynez. Our tribe has for at least the last 30 years been fighting for federal recognition, we are State recognized and had John Johnson tell us that we were not Chumash and that the only Chumash were in Santa Ynez. I have aunts and uncles up there and we are still not Chumash. The Coastal band even has a working tribal government, land base and enrolled tribal members of over 1,000 people. So while I feel for you and your work and time in reference to your blood ties, I don't like the name of their hired expert thrown around. In my opinion he is a jack@$$.