Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogtalk Radio Show: Bikers of America Discuss Pechanga Treatment of Veterans

Thank you to our friends from Bikers of America Blog and their Blogtalk Radio Program.

Phil and Bill were kind enough to give us time on their show to talk about how Pechanga has treated their own veterans, their treatment of tribal citizens.

The pertinent part of the show begins at the 13:00 minute mark. You can skip ahead. There will be one interlude for a caller about 5 minutes worth and then continued discussions. Please LISTEN


Anonymous said...

Thank you O.P, this broadcast was amazing!

There will be a point in human history where ethics, kindness, realness,and justice will be missed.
There will be a time when we will want this back and may not be able to get it back. Once a person crosses a boundary-line in lying, cheating or stealing and are rewarded for such behavior it will be difficult to return back to an honest way of life.

I will leave ya with a quote.

"A lie cannot be scrutinized, but a lie has to be defended.You can scrutinize the truth, you cannot kill the truth. you can eventually expose a lie.. the more you expose the truth the more powerful it becomes" -Pastor Fiona

Anonymous said...

Glauben Sie nicht an ihre klugen Wörter
Weil Glaube inact (Hrsg.) das gehörte lauteste ist
Alle diese Dinge, die ich sage, sind wahr
Verstanden traurig durch gewählt wenige

Anonymous said...

How many more will stand up? What can be accomplished by sitting on the sidelines? NOTHING.

Great work on this radio show.

Letters to congress has worked to delay Pechanga and Macarro from stealing the water rights of Temecula Indians.

Stand UP.

Anonymous said...

One person is fighting,the rest are wet noodles and punks!

Like that person said maybe they should hang it up,and enjoy the rest of their lives as americans.

Injun Joe said...

Thanks OP for representing 100's if not 1000's of Native Americans who stand behind you in their fight of this Terrible Injustice against Human & Civil Rights.

Anonymous said...

There are over 3,000 Native Americans that have been disenrolled not to mention those held up in moratoriums.

OPechanga said...

You can spread the word about Pechanga actions by sending the link to your friends.

You can also SHARE each blog post onto your facebook pages.

stand your ground said...

To the above Anonymus who posted on
Nov.23 at 9.01 am
Hallo und Guten Tag,
are you in Germany or here in the USA, and are you familiar with the corruption happening in Indian Country? If you are able to, then please spread the word about this Blog in Europe so that many more readers will know the truth about
the denial of civil and human rights to Native Americans who are
kicked out of their Tribes.
Thank you for reading this blog.
Vielen Dank und bitte schreibe mal wieder.