Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations to Darrell Issa and Mary Bono Mack for Mid-Term Wins

The mid-term elections are over and we hope that your favorite candidates won.   With the new Congress, those of us that have been looking for current Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall to hold hearings on enforcement of the ICRA, will now have to put our hopes to a Republican leadership.

That leadership MUST understand that  protecting individual Indians is not accomplished by merely giving the chiefs all that they want.    This site has many posts of the corrupt leadership of CA tribes.     There are thousands of Indians that have been harmed by tribes that are asking for concessions from Congress.

We know that they have lied to Congress and we are asking the new majority to exercise due diligence in dealing with tribes such as Pechanga, Picayune Rancheria, Redding, and Enterprise among other.

Here's how to exercise your moral outrage at a sovereign nation.


White Buffalo said...

Unfortunately, it will always be about the money with politicians. There must be a way for us to show congress that the actions of the corrupt tribes like Pechanga are creating an economic burden that will cost the government money in the future.

'aamokat said...

I am not thrilled that Bono Mack and Issa are back in but I did vote for Bono Mack as Steve Puonget (how to spell his name) was a little too liberal for my taste but still Bono Mack and Issa just seem to rubber stamp everything tribes like Pechanga want to do and they seem to ignore our issues.

I did call Puonget's campaign office and ask to have someone take the time to discuss some issues with me but they didn't call me back.