Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Contacts for Temecula Area VFW posts. Please send a message.

We wrote about the Pechanga Band's treatment of some veterans and active duty personnel yesterday.   For those who want to get involved and send a note of protest of their treatment here is some contact information:

Post 4089 Temecula Valley Post

28075 Diaz Rd
Temecula, CA 92590
 Phone: (951) 676-1541  

Post 1508 Richard Elliott Post

PO Box 737
Wildomar, CA 92595-0737
Phone: (951) 674-4735
Post 4379 Winchester Valley PostPO Box 188
Winchester, CA 92596
Phone: (951) 926-5158
A quick call letting them know what you read here about how Pechanga has treated their OWN veterans, and this latest episode could lead to a larger group standing up for the rights of veterans and those of terminated Native Americans.
Here is the contact for VFWCA:
1510 "J" Street, Suite 110

Sacramento, CA 95814
E-Mail address is: administrator@vfwca.org
Telephone (916) 449-8850


Anonymous said...

pechanga soup is mmm mmmm good

'aamokat said...

Pala's buffet, just 10-12 miles down the road, is a lot better though and I even thought that before I was disenrolled and Pala's buffet has been improved since then.

So one more reason to go to Pala instead of Pechanga besides what they did to us.

Anonymous said...

Those veterans who dislike the treatment Pechanga has given their own veterans should call their local VFW and ask them to write Pechanga on behalf of all veterans.

Pechanga must learn why their business is dropping.

Anonymous said...

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