Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pechanga's Leader, A Civil Rights Abuser Who Decimated His Tribe on Top 100 List of Political Playas

Yes, because Mark Macarro, who has led the termination, expulsion and violation of civil and human rights of historical Pechanga people is so..... honorable? Please share this on Facebook and take a look at all the links.

66. Mark Macarro, Pechanga Band of Lusieno Indians

Macarro was the face that helped sell tribal gaming to California voters more than a decade ago. (yes, remember he said that it would help all Indians in CA?) He became the spokesman for the Proposition 5 and Proposition 1A campaigns., which helped change tribal and California politics forever. While tribal issues have ebbed in importance inside the Legislature, Macarro and Pechanga remain active in state and local politics, and are still a viable political force.

It's telling that tribal issues have "ebbed". IS it because the politicians have their heads in the sand, while their palms are facing upward? Remember his LIE to Congress ?

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