Thursday, May 29, 2008's Editor V.Rocha Eloquently Defending Pechanga's Actions

UPDATE 2: Pechanga Chairman Macarro, of Colton, CA, enters the discussion by throwing his cousin Victor under the bus in his response to Tamra Brennan, of NDNnews. He advises NOT to view Victor's website.

From: Mark Macarro
To: ; Marc Luker ; Pechanga Tribal Council (Council Members Only) ;
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 5:32 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding Pechanga response letter


Victor is a tribal member but his website is a private project and is privately owned by him. The tribe has no role in nor does the tribe advise or consent on his editorial content. (Ya think the tribe wouldn't say anything to Victor if he published the stories of what goes on at Pechanga?)
Further, Victor doesn't represent the tribe in any capacity, officially or unofficially. (So that LINK to the Pechanga Casino is there by accident? Oh, and the name of that website again is??)

What he does is his own business--literally. My suggestion to you however, is ignore him and stop responding. Out of the millions of websites out there, you choose to spend your time on Victor? (Nice one, cousin Mark! EVERYONE, DON'T SPEND TIME on my Cousin Victor's website)

Don't let him control you like this.And stop sending the Pechanga Tribal Council emails please. You are now spamming and it is not appreciated.

Thank you.

OP: A letter of concern over the response of a highly regarded (in his own mind) Pechanga member, over what the tribe has done to their people is considered SPAM?

UPDATE:Victor keeps on showing his conversational skills. Not bad for an Eisenhower HS boy. His mom must be proud of him showing his Rialto skills. Here, he replies to Tamra Brennan, proprietor of http://www.ndnnewscom/ a site that you should ALL take the time to visit and learn more about what's happening in Indian Country.

Victor Rocha
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10:36 AM
Subject: RE: Regarding Pechanga response letter
What a bunch of retarded drivel. If you spent more time on your crappy website than worrying about Pechanga…. you’d still have shitty website.
Victor Rocha

From: [] Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 8:13 AMTo: victor@pechanga.netSubject: Regarding Pechanga response letter


Your actions and email response to Marcie were deplorable, and a prime example of the disgrace Pechanga has become with eliminating your Tribal Members. You represent a media news source for the Tribe, your response was extremely unprofessional and a great representation of the Tribe! I wonder how the Tribal Council will feel about you speaking to a member of the general public with these vulgar statements, on their behalf. I hope that all of the major media in San Diego and Riverside Counties, read your disgusting remarks, it will show them exactly what Pechanga is all about and what they really represent, Disrespect and GREED. How much is enough Victor? Do you and the Tribal Council even realize that your actions are a prime example of assimilation? When money comes before your own people, before your own relations, that is assimilation.
Tribal gaming has attributed to and brought the dominant cultures disease, greed.

What this amounts to is, a modern day cultural genocide and is resulting in what Native people have been fighting since 1492, only now, it is Indians ~vs.~ Indians. You are falling into what the dominant society has been attempting to accomplish for hundreds of years; to conquer and divide. All Native people will be affected by this in the end. Our ancestors fought against genocide with thousands giving their lives to protect the way of life for the people. I think they would be disgusted and appalled with this disease that is tearing apart and dividing Indian Country. Tribal gaming should have strengthened Tribal Sovereignty, brought financial freedom to the people and given hope for the future generations. Instead in cases, such as Pechanga and many others that have eliminated tribal members, it has brought disunity and greed.

It is bad enough that Tribal Sovereignty is a issue that has to be fought to keep in place, why continually fight each other? Today, Native people continue to be suppressed, ignored and cultures disrespected. The continual division in Indian Country over tribal gaming, dis-enrollment issues and blood quantum issues could ultimately be the destruction of Native people. If everyone would unite as one people, one nation, we would become stronger and more powerful. This would be a step forward in ensuring as Indian people we don’t loose our ways, or let them succeed in the pursuit of Native People's extinction.

Tamra Brennan

Victor is the first cousin of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, whom another cousin of theirs has accused him of making threats to her. They are keeping their cousin out of the tribe in the illegal moratorium.
Marcie's letter details her feelings about what Pechanga's actions have done to the Native American community and how she feels that Pechanga could solve this travesty of justice.

From: Marcie
Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2008 8:25 PM
Subject: Re: Disenrollment

To Whom it may concern:
Chairman Macarro,Tribal Council,

I am part of the Native American Community and find what you have done to generations of legitimate tribal members in the name of greed just another form of Indian Genocide. Only this is being done by their own people. How can you live with yourselves?

We as Native Americans have fought for generations against the genocide from white settlers against all our Nations and for what? GREED!!!! Yet it would seem that some tribes such as yours have not learned a very hard lesson by past acts against our people. Greed for our land caused the massacre of many thousands of our people. Greed to own something caused the mass anihilation of the buffalo herds so that we would starve to death and the settlers could waste the meat and only take the hides to sell for money.

Our own people over hunted to trade hides to the settlers for their trinkets and weapons and wiped out their own food sources so that their people went hungry, my tribe included. For what ? Greed! Has all these trials of our ancestors taught you nothing?

Bring All your people back home where they belong and apologize for your greed and irresponsibility to your people. You are setting a precedent of scorn for your actions against your own people. I am ashamed of you and your tribe for it's actions as are so many others.

You Shame the traditional Native People of this continent! The Casino money should be going to improve substandard housing, medical care, substance abuse, the tribal elders needs, better education for your children etc. You are teaching by example that the invaders of this country are right and greed is what counts and people , your families, your children all will learn from your example that nothing counts except self and money.

This Earth will never be again in balance with tribes like you contributing to it's imbalance by throwing away relatives, your own people. We are supposed to be the stewards of this land. As well as our people. You are not stewards, you are no better than those who massacred our ancestors.


Author and Editor Rocha's eloquent response, apparently speaking for Pechanga, as he responded without authorization. Will he be censured?

From: Victor Rocha
Date: 5/25/2008 11:44:25 PM
To: Marcie
Subject: RE: Disenrollment

Blah, blah, blah, blah!
Victor Rocha

Feel free to respond to Victor at his site and tell your friends! I've kept Marcie's email private, but Victor's is public. Thank you Marcie, for speaking out on this, I'll make sure Pechanga receives it, as well as Temecula area businesses.
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