Thursday, November 25, 2010

Foxwood Casino Loses $1 Million to Cheaters; Pechanga Disenrollees Lose $300 Million to Theft

Cheating comes in many forms. What makes news is when a casino like Foxwoods in Connecticut loses almost $1 to cheating:

Four Korean nationals linked to an international casino cheating syndicate and arrested at Foxwoods Resort Casino this week are suspected of bilking casinos out of between $750,000 and $1 million, authorities say. Two of the four, Young Su Gy, 60, and Wookyung Kim, 34, were charged Monday as part of a three-month investigation involving state and federal authorities, along with casino security, according to state police Detective Martin Graham.

Interestingly, what doesn't make news is when tribes cheat their own people.   The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has cheated and stolen over $300 milllion  from tribal members that were unconstitutionally terminated from the tribe.   Yet, state and federal authorities will spend three months following four people, but here in California, NO Federal help, No State help for HUNDREDS who have been defrauded by the Pechanga Tribal Council, led by Mark Macarro and Russell "Butch" Murphy.  We continue to shine a spotlight on tribal corruption.



Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the new native American wine?
It's called you disenrolled me, wa, wa, wa!

OPechanga said...

Anonymous makes jokes about the crime of theft of heritage, per capita, health care.

And then Mr. Macarro goes to Capitol Hill and pleads for free land.

And he wants to control the water rights for allottees who have had land on the reservation for over 110 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh man ,is it just me,or are members getting brave and starting to trash this site?

I don't see alot of dis-enrolled standing up to them?