Tuesday, November 23, 2010

California Tribal Business Alliance: YOUR Computer Will Be A Gaming Device

CTBA President Leslie Lohse opposes internet gaming unless California Indian Tribes get a say in what goes on in legislation, including identifying YOUR computer as a gaming device.   Because of donations to his campaign, they EXPECT incoming governor Jerry Brown to be compliant to their wishes.

Internet gaming should not be held captive to the whims of tribal nations that have harmed their own people.   Of the over 100 California Indian Nations, not all have gaming and certainly not all benefit the way citizens of CA intended through their passage of Prop. 1A and Prop 5.

It's time to let the tribal gaming compacts expire and legalize gaming in California where we can regulate it, and have it in place in the populous areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.     Tribes have received a head start on gaming and some have taken their tribes and built their infrastructures.    Other tribes such as Pechanga, Redding and Picayune have harmed so many of their membership, that our new governor Jerry Brown can't SERIOUSLY care what they think.

Here's the video:

Additionally, we are working on a story about our Senator Dianne Feinstein's work to keep some tribes from getting casinos to help their tribe. Is she supported by the big gaming tribes, who think nothing of letting other tribes suffer?

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online gaming also breaks internet connection time to time!