Friday, February 19, 2010

Interlude: Congratulations to Ed Morrissey, Blogger of the Year

A friend to Original Pechanga's Blog, Ed Morrissey, blogger extraordinaire at Hot Air was named blogger of the year at the CPAC convention today. Ed was also named blogger of the year by Freedom Works.

Ed has blogged on some Native American issues like Indian Health Care and the debacle the state of CA had in losing paperwork for the big tribes as they expanded their gaming.

Congratulations Ed for the honors to your excellent journalism work.


Anonymous said...

im a great grand daughter of rose murphy, i have been up all night reading your blog, im so shocked! i have had an application in for 17 mom is the oldest child of 14 and has had her application in for 17 years too, her sisters and brothers are enrolled, they keep turning her down. I want you to know i love my country and my people, but from what i see, GREED has a tight grip on the hearts of my family, that money has divided us and i miss the old days when we all ate commodities! PS.. I know my grandmother was from's no secret.
B's baby

オテモヤン said...
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stand your ground said...

congratulations to Ed Morrissey
his HOT AIR Blog is interesting read.

White Buffalo said...

I remember the times we would go to the rez for meetings when people were more friendly, I still love the government cheese and all of those yummy white labeled veggies and canned meats.

Anonymous said...

You have my deepest sympathy; Greed has divided our families too.

What's the scoop with Murphy. What is your genealogy. Rose was 'adopted.'
What is her relationship to Patrick, Russell, and Elizabeth?

Is Russell of Indian descent? is Elizabeth? is Rose?

From whom are all the murphy clan descended and what from what tribe.

Thank you for filling in the blanks.

Our thoughts are with are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I took at a look at some of the census and if the anonymous writer above is the great granddaughter of Sinforosa Severano, aka Rosa; who is the mother of Patrick Murphy Sr. then she seems to be correct in saying they are from Pala. From what I found Sinforosa Severano is the daughter of Escelastica Lugo who was from Pala. Escelastica Lugo second marriage was to Eulojio Haquoc of Pechanga. This makes Eulojio the step father of Sinforosa and therefore I don't see a blood connection to a Pechanga Indian. As for Rose Murphy, Butch's mother I'm not sure if she was ever on any census records, but the tribe did vote to adopt her in the Indian way.

My advice to all individuals who have family who are enrolled is to keep talking to your enrolled family. Find members/family that supports you getting enrolled. All enrolled families have a few people that got left behind so if it was brought up in a meeting or petition I think many families would support the idea of enrolling the few that got left behind.

'aamokat said...

APRIL 20, 1986

1) Heirs of Rose Murphy Enrollment appeal. Discussion.
Vote Needed.

The meeting was brought to order by Spokesman Gabriel Pico at 12:30.

Council members present were Marie Russell, Gabriel Pico, Stella Serna, and Dolly Toomey.

Spokesman Pico read the topic of this special meeting. The topic is: Heirs of Rose Murphy Enrollment appeal. Discussion. Vote needed.

Marie Russell read and reviewed and explained the By-laws of Pechanga enrollment. Marie also explained why the Murphy family was denied enrollment.

The final wording is "The Band" would accept lineal descent of Rose Murphy, blood heirs would be elligible for Pechanga enrollment.

The vote was 40 yes, 14 no, and 1 abstension. The motion passed."

Above are excerpts from the special meeting in which the Murphys were taken in as tribal members and it is clear that even though the transcript of the meeting minutes leaves out the reasons they were turned down by the enrollment committee, I think it is clear it was because they are not Pechanga by blood.

Ironic that the tribal council in its March 2006 letter to the General Membership said that the tribe in voting to stop all disenrollments in July 2005 could not overrule the enrollment committee on decsions of enrollment or disenrollment so that is why we, the Hunters, were disenrolled in 2006 despite the law passed the previous year.

The tribal council claimed that allowing us not to be disenrolled would be a violation of tribal legal precedant, which is a lie as the Murphys are living proof that the General Membership can overrule the enrollment committee, which they did in 1986.

Another irony is that some of our family members helped get Butch M and company their appeal vote of the committee's decision in 1986 and how did he repay us?

By voting down our appeal to the tribal council of our disenrollment.

And has Butch helped get his family members in who had their applications in before the deadline for the bogus moratorium?

I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

I know that the tosabol family had there applications in before illegal moratorium was voted on it does not matter ,to thier family the family enrolled wants the land allotted to those left behind, they would not sell to them .its not about the family ITS the money and LAND even No Honor or respect for the GREAT Elders that gave land to all the family for generations of tosabol indian Heritage and culture to be shared as Temecula Band of luiseno Indians

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support. My mom says that russell is connected by uncle choquit...excuse my spelling. That man is my grandma geraldines brother. My mom says are roots are in Pala but that my grandma geraldine was born in pechanga so it's "home". Politics is not my moms "thing." I try and educate her and keep her up to date with this BS of a moritorium! I have only two aunts left that get per cap, my late uncle left this earth a few weeks ago. I am the daughter of a Mesa Grande Indian and a Pechanga/pala Indian, my geneology is complicated. I have questions myself.

Anonymous said...

Is Russell the biological son of Rose?

Do they have BIA documents proving descendancy from Pechanga? Thanks!

'aamokat said...

Well the enrollment committee claimed, wrongly I believe, that my family line, the Hunters, is San Luis Rey Indian so if we could be disenrolled for allegedly being from the San Luis Rey tribe, then the Murphys should never have been enrolled if they really are Pala regardless if the generation born after the old Temecula village sites and the creation of the reservation in the 1800's were born at Pechanga.

However, if the tribe voted, as they did in 1986, to take in the Murphys as tribal members then the tribe could vote to outlaw disenrollment and stop the disenrollment of the Hunters in 2005.

Can we say malice and predujice against the Hunters and favortism (at least to some of them) of the Murphys, violations of Article V of the Band's constitution?

'aamokat said...

And as I have previously stated, we maintain that we the Hunters are Pechanga Indians and that the biased enrollment committee, headed by the close relatives of people who submitted hearsay so called evidence against our tribal membership, ignored every piece of evidence that supported our claim of being Pechanga Indians including, among much credible evidence, tribal elder testimony from both the historical period of the old Temecula sites and the original reservation and also current members not part of the CPP faction of the tribe and unrelated to us or the biased committee members that directly contradicts the hearsay so called evidence used against us.

Tribal Council said...

August 31, 1994

Dear Enrollment Committee,

In reference to the Murphy files now pending, it has come to the Council's attention that the Enrollment Committee is seeking a directive from the tribal council to move forth with the processing of the enrollment applications for the heirs of Mrs. Rose Murphy.

Upon the review of the special meeting adenda dated April 20, 1986 the minutes which were approved by the general membership are self explanatory in that the "the Band will accept lineal descendants of Rose Murphy".

Therefore, this directive is in holding with the decision of the membership in that those pending applications should be processed without any further delay.

Thank you,

Tribal Council

cc: Mary Pinson
Ruth Masiel
Margaret Duncan
Dolli Ricci
Edna Miranda
Raymond Basquez
Frances Miranda
Normoan Pico Sr.
Toni Corralez

Anonymous said...

Wish my mom could reap the benefits like her sisters, but im just glad she is in good health! My mom is a great lady, for those of you who know her, and she has a big heart. Pechanga just gives her the run around when she asks about enrollment, most members dont tell us much, how sad is that?? Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Rose Murphy and clan shameless thieves; illegally enrolled by fraud.
Another example of illegal activities null and void by reason of fraud.

'79 roll was fraudulent; null and void... anything predicated upon that fraud is null and void.

Murphy et al is just one major example of thievery.

Just goes to show the nerve of thieves and liars!

What is the penalty for illegal enrichment by Rose Murphy and her heirs?

What of the other imposters?

Masiel and Miranda..stop posing as representing Pechanga.

Ken Perez...shameless!

Be prepared to present proof of descendancy, thieves!

Start with CIBD. Perez must be oozing bullshit!

'aamokat said...

We can't go solely by CDIBs because of changes that have been made at the Riverside BIA office recently.

For example, people's cards have been changed to say either Temecula or San Luis Rey Misson (Luiseno).

Also, people from the same line of direct lineal descent could have different designations.

So does that mean that because one family member has a card that says one thing and another that says something else and even though it is obvious they are from the same line of descent, does that mean one can be a tribal member and another cannot be one?

And there are people who had cards from years ago who have gotten new cards whose cards have been changed, that the old one says Pechanga and the new one does not.

Plus historically the terms Pechanga, Temecula, and San Luis Rey-Temecula have been interchangable.

As far as the Murphys are concerned, I see that someone posted the memo from the tribal council in 1994 that says those people from that family who had applied for membership during that time period who did beat the deadline for the moratotium, apparently the people who still for years have been denied membership, were supposed to be have been enrolled back then, according to the tribal council,.

But the enrollment committee ignored the instructions of the tribal council per the General Membership vote of 1986.

By way, we believe that was one of the things that got the Hunters and Manuel Miranda descendants disenrolled is that they blew the whistle that certain members of the enrollment committee were not enrolling people who ended up being in the moratorium.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Butch Murphy is related to Patrick Murphy, I'm not seeing how they could be related, but maybe I'm missing something. Patrick Murphy Sr. parents were J.D. Murphy and Sinforosa Severano, and his siblings are Dennis, Meredith, Geraldino, Brian, Pauline, and Mary Ann.

Anonymous said...

Are Russel Murphy and Elizabeth Murphy siblings?

Anonymous said...

Both the mother and father of Russell and Elizabeth have Pechanga blood-ties. Anyone with any sense of who they are would know better than to put themselves on this blog. It is loaded with misleading information. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

It would be useless to post information on this blog due to the fact that many people have posted false information. Although, I will say that the children of Joeseph Murphy Sr. are also children of Rosemary Courtney Murhy. They have Indian blood from both parents and their decendents were from Pechanga since the beginning of Pechanga and Temecula prior to that. They both lived in Pechanga since birth and attended Sherman Indian School together in Riverside, CA. They married and lived in Pechanga and were very much in tune to who they were. In the olden days it was not uncommon for Indians to marry Indians from other reservations and have relatives from same reservation. I think if you are not a direct descendant of someone you have no business poking into others. Even though the ignorant blame the council for all enrollment issues. It is actually a majority of the vote of the entire present members at meetings who make the final decisions. Nothing is illegal as tribes are soveriegn and can make their own by-laws and constitution. Many families have relatives who got left out of enrollment. It's unfortunate but if that's the way the membership votes then that's the way it is. Council cannot over-rule the people.