Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CA ASSEMBLY Speaker Karen Bass Announces Candidacy to Replace Rep. Diane Watson

From Speaker Bass's Facebook Page:

I am very excited to announce that I will be launching a campaign to fill the congressional seat being vacated by my dear friend and mentor, Congresswoman Diane Watson. Earlier today, the Congresswoman, City Controller Wendy Greuel, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and grassroots leaders joined me at a press conference announcing my campaign, and I hope you can support me as well.

Well Speaker Bass, are you going to take up Rep. Watson's championing of the Cherokee Freedmen? How about those disenfranchised Native Americans in CA? Will you refuse campaign donations from tribes that violate the civil rights of their people? Pechanga, Redding, Enterprise, San Pascual, Picayune all should be avoided.

What say you.


Allen L. Lee said...

Just sent off this e-mail
"Dear Karen Bass

I am excited to learn you are a candidate for Diane Watson's Congressional seat. Since 2007 several Indian Freedmen descendants, I being a descendant of Choctaw Freedmen, have battled with Diane Watson's leadership to undue the Civil and Human Rights violations committed by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma against the descendants of former slaves held by Cherokee citizens.

I live in Oregon now but I lived in Southern california for 25 years in Riverside County. In Riverside I worked with several California Native American groups before the Casinos went up and have been in communication with several Native Americans also dis-enrolled from their tribes similar to that which occurred to the Cherokee Freedmen.

I justed wanted you to be aware that although they don't have the economic resources that Casino Tribes have, they have stalwartly supported the Cherokee Freedmen in their struggle and are asking for help.

One Native organization that I hope you will contact during your campaign and seek their support is the The American Indian Rights and Resources Organization :


41801 Corte Valentine

Temecula, CA 92592


I've been to several of the tribal fires and bird dances and have met several of the people. I can say that those who have been dis-enrolled have earnestly supported the Cherokee Freedmen Descendants, helping to show that it is more than just a Black against Indians issue. I in turn have shown my support for them in their struggle for Human Rights with-in their tribal Nations.

Thank you,

Allen L. Lee"

Anonymous said...

Speaker Bass, civil rights are still being violated 40 years after Dr. King is gone.

Now, instead of white on black, or white on Red, it's now tribes that violate their people's civil rights.

It's important that the state and Federal government do NO business with tribes that disenfranchise their own.

Let them develop their businesses without the backing of government.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Bass took money from Pechanga and hobnobbed ai Picayune with those who terminated 50% of their tribe. How can we expect her to act with honor now?

Anonymous said...

Many politicians take money from tribes and other businesses. How they report or rather DO NOT report it says many things.

Anonymous said...

Step up, Speaker Bass. Help Diane Watson leave a legacy to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Keep working until your term is up, Diane. We are praying you are successful.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten a response from Karen?

Speaker Bass, please stand up for those who have been harmed by Pechanga, by Picayune, and other tribes...