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Monday, February 8, 2010

Is There MORE to the Pechanga Insurance Fraud? Ryan Robinson had FRIENDS on the Pechanga Tribal Council and Dated a PDC member

On many newspaper stories about the 'alleged' insurance fraud, it's been reported that Ryan Robinson, former CFO for the Pechanga Tribe, was DATING a member of the Pechanga Development Corporation, see the link for it's members.

This member of the PDC is related to many of the same people the pushed for the termination of hundreds of Native Americans from the Pechanga Tribe. This meant she would get much more money, as would her mother and uncles.

There's MORE than what's being told here. How did this man move from the Casino operations to the TRIBAL operation without friends on the tribal council? Who were his friends on the council?

Why would DA Rod Pacheco only use the evidence given to him by the Pechanga Tribal Council (a.k.a. Friends of Ryan Robinson) and not look further? Why would the Press Enterprise only take the story at face value?

Can we trust that Mark Macarro, Andrew Masiel, Butch Murphy and the rest of the Pechanga Tribal Council are telling the whole story? Macarro has lied to Congress, lied to the press about disenrollments, lied to the tribal membership about stopping all disenrollments and the council has acted outside of the Pechanga Tribal Constitution and Bylaws....

How much advertising dollars does it take to keep a NEWSPAPER from digging into the NEWS?


Anonymous said...

Just because the Markstrom woman left her husband and he left his wife doesn't mean they had anything criminal going on.

Stop with the conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Ho-hum, more speculation and negativity from the non-members, trying to stir up ill-will, as a vengeance for their due removal from the tribe. To the non-members: Think positive. Look on the bright side of life. Meanwhile, thank goodness the authorities caught these two crooks who took advantage of their positions to steal from others.

Pechanga Member 1130 said...

Ill will to a group that has taken elders and put them on the street? Who could imagine that?

We are POSITIVE! We are positive that the Masiel Crime Family and their followers like the Burbee/Markstroms will get their just do.

Steal from others? JUST LIKE the Pechanga Enrollment committee and Mark Macarro and some of the tribal council, who have stolen MUCH more than these two guys....

$200 million or more...