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Thursday, February 18, 2010

SMOKE LEVELS at CA Indian Casinos Exceed Health Benchmark Levels

STANFORD UNIVERSITY REPORT: Smoke levels at California Indian casinos can exceed health benchmark levels during peak attendance hours and many non-smoking areas offer incomplete protection.

OP: PROTECT your health and your families health: Stay out of the tribal casino's until they clean their scrubbers and do a better job. If you smell smoke on your clothes, you are risking your health. And remember, the tribes can't be sued for not providing a save gaming environment.

This device was used to detect smoke levels in a year-long investigation of California casinos.

Secondhand smoke in California's Native American casinos often exceeds concentrations associated with harmful health effects, according to a new study by environmental engineers at Stanford University. The casinos, which are exempt from the state's smoking restrictions, are one of the few public places in California where smoking is still legal.

The study of smoke particle concentrations during busy evenings in 36 casinos across the state found that even many nonsmoking areas within the buildings contained smoke concentrations that were several times that of outdoor air. The paper was published online Feb. 17 in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.
One-quarter of U.S. adults visited a casino in 2008, according to the 2009 American Gaming Association Survey of Casino Entertainment. Of the almost 60 casinos operating in California, 98 percent allow smoking.

"We did this study to warn the public that where they go and what they do in their everyday lives can impact their health," said Lynn Hildemann, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and a senior author of the study. "Air pollution affects human health, whether it is secondhand smoke indoors or truck exhaust outdoors. Because many people frequent smoky casinos, and many employees work there, we became interested in finding how high the pollution levels inside the buildings were."
Over more than a year, the team of researchers discreetly made smoke particle measurements in various locations at each casino on weekend and holiday evenings – times when casinos were most likely to be crowded. Sampling each location for 30 to 60 minutes, the engineers used compact monitors that measure smoke particles in the surrounding air every 10 seconds.

Read more at the link above, but if you have breathing problems, it's best to stay away from tribal casinos.


Anonymous said...

It's unheLthy to gamble at tribal casinos. Unprofitable too,

I hate smelling like smoke.

Anonymous said...

WEll, it can be unhealthy for some, especially if the Pechanga tribal rangers get a hold of you.

They beat their customers....

Anonymous said...

What protections do the employees have about being in a smoke filled environment?

Anonymous said...

I hate smelling like smoke. Even Vegas isn't that good in a lot of hotel/casinos, but Pechanga and San Manuel are pretty bad, so I don't go anymore.

Anonymous said...


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