Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soon to Be EX Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Compact with Thieves Of Pinoleville

Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed a new compact with the Pinoleville Tribe and Leona Williams. Here's what they did to some of their families (h/t

Pinoleville Rancheria
“Tribe stolen by Corrupt Tribal Officials”

I had planned to write to you about a corrupt tribal council that has stolen my tribe and retroactively stripped my ancestors of their legal identity as Native Americans. I was going to detail the manner in which they hijacked our Tribe for their own purposes, but after contemplation it, I thought better of it.

I decided that I am tired of telling the story of the injustices that I and my family have suffered over the last several years. I won't talk of the lies, the anonymous and illiterate hate mail, the fact that my children have been denied membership...and therefore Native American status under the law, the crooked elections, the ballots “counted” behind closed doors, the molestation of my constitution, the late-night death threats, the misuse of federal funds, and the general disgust I feel at being disrespected, unrepresented and denied the rights to participate in my own Indian community.

Nor will I detail how the corrupt thugs on Tribal Council responsible for protecting my human and civil rights violated those rights when they disenolled me and my family, or how the same thugs manipulated our constitution to exterminate my rights and the rights of all other Pinoleville Indian Community class members defined in the precedent setting Court ruling filed by deceased Pinoleville Indian Community member Tillie Hardwick. As a result of that ruling all California Rancherias enjoy Tribal status and the riches they receive from their Indian casinos.

I likewise decided against another protracted airing of my grievances concerning the US Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs officials that ‘shepherded’ our case to it's ultimate dismissal. I won't bore you with the tales of their failure to follow the US Federal Code of Regulations, their consistent refusal to provide information in a timely fashion, their illegal ex-parte communications with the Chairwoman’s faction during our administrative debacle, their legendary bungling of a completely insane 'General Membership' meeting called illegally by themselves under no authority in April of 2004, the manner in which the BIA Director Dale Risling conveniently misplaced a vital document original at that meeting, or any other of a number of acts on their part which range from hideously negligent to criminally suspect.
Erik Enriquez
Wonderful news governor. You help those that violate the civil rights of their membership. What's the countdown to when you are out of here?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger can't be EX governor soon enough for me.