Tuesday, February 23, 2010

James Riley, Accused in Pechanga Fraud, Prohibited From Working in Insurance Industry

State authorities on Monday announced that the 46-year-old insurance broker accused of defrauding the Pechanga Resort & Casino of about $4 million in an insurance scam has been prohibited from working in the insurance industry.

James William Riley, of Murrieta, has been barred from working in the industry in any manner pending the outcome of his trial on multiple counts of grand theft, money laundering and commercial bribery, according to a news release form California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner. If Riley is found guilty, his license will be revoked, the release said.

Riley, will have his day in court March 15 in Riverside

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and it's chairman mark macarro (Intentionally not capitalized as a show of disrepect) are well known for disenrolling 25% of their tribal membership, acting outside their own constitution. In those despicable actions they have harmed their elders and children. While insurance fraud is serious and IF James Riley did these things he's accused of, he should be punished. It should be noted that there has been NO punishment meted out to Pechanga for their own theft of health insurance to the tune of $12 million dollars, nor the theft of over $200 million in per capita payments from over 230 tribal members.


Anonymous said...

Who'd hire this guy anyway? Unless he can prove he did it because the feds asked him to.

He needs to start re-training for a position when he gets out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Will he tell what he knows? Who is Riley's lawyer?

Robinson has to be privy to a lot of information too..