Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CA Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, politicians FINED for Not Reporting Pechanga Gifts

How much to buy our politicians? $94 seems to be enough. That's the amount that Pechanga gave a host of California lawmakers in free dinners. Democratic Party's Assembly Speaker Karen Bass had to pay a $600 fine for not reporting Pechanga's gifts. It's curious that an African American politician would accept gifts from a tribe that has denied civil rights to many of their people? SHAME on you Madame Speaker. Wilmer Carter (D- Rialto) pays a $200 fine for accepting and not reporting Pechanga's gift. Learn what the Pechanga tribe has done to their people, Rep. Carter. Here is a link to a letter we wrote to the President of CA's NAACP


Anonymous said...

We can do whatever we want! Aint no one gonna do nothing about it. Keep on crying suckers!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Stop using your gangster tone and go to school. You certainly have the time and money. Do something with yourself. I went to college with the support from the BIA who accepted Jennie Miranda's letter that confirmed I was a member (of course that was before the casino).

White Buffalo said...

That was just the money that counted. Well dude you just keep on doing what ever you want. We know who we are. The truth I laugh at you everytime you see me coming and you run and hide like a cockroach. Dude your weak I am not My blood is real you are nothing you know my name. Come on say something stupid again. Little-Shit-Eater that your Mexican name dude

OPechanga said...

The taunts from those who have oppressed their fellow members can't hold any of us back.

It does give an example to our politicians of who they have to deal with after the leadership in place is gone.

Excellent work, Speaker Bass in choosing the oppressor over those who have been violated.

Allen L. Lee said...

Unfortunately, there are still many who don't understand the dis-enrollments as one of a government action rather than one of an ethnic/cultural determination. Some still think of it as an ethnic issue with the view that " It's those peoples' problem and none of our business."
The other problem with the ethnic view is that some can still rationalize by saying" Look, we have good relations with the Indians."
I've said several times during the Cherokee Freedmen dispute that it is important that we not allow it to become an ethnic, "Us against them," dispute but to focus on the political/legal aspects of the removals.
I like to use analogies but in this case I can use a real instance what an unjust political/legal action has done to both Black and Hispanic Californian in state history:

“Perez vs. Sharp - End to Miscegenation Laws in California
In 1948, Andrea Perez, a Mexican-American woman, and Sylvester Davis, an African-American man, filed a lawsuit against then Los Angeles County Clerk W.G. Sharp (Perez vs. Sharp, October 1, 1948). Earlier, they had sought a marriage license from the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office but were denied such because Perez was racially classified as white and Davis as negro. At the time, under California state
law, no marriage license could be issued between a "white" person and a "negro" person. The case went all the way to the California Supreme Court and the couple were able to successfully overturn California’s miscegenation laws.”

Another real instance of L.A. County political/ legal rights woes. “U.S. Supreme Court
PARKER V. LOS ANGELES COUNTY , 338 U.S. 327 (1949) . This was a case of L.A. County employees taking a Loyalty oath to and were advised “these noncomplying employees were advised that the Board of Supervisors had adopted an order providing (1) that unless they had executed Parts A, B and C of the affidavit by July 26 they would be discharged, “ Part of the oath was to deny affiliation with over 100 organizations, a few select ones follow:

“American League of Christian Women.
Anti-Nazi League. Anti-Nazi League of Hollywood.
Citizens Comm. for Defense of Mexican-American Youth.
Civil Rights Congress.
Civil Rights Council for Northern California.
Congress of Mexican and Spanish-Mexican Peoples of U.S.
Jewish Peoples Committee
League for Struggle for Negro Rights.
National Negro Women's Council.
National Negro Congress”

It would be good if good if Black and Hispanic California citizens would take a look at Southern California’s political/legal actions against them and review the tribal actions in it’s proper political/ legal
perspective rather than an ethnic/cultural one.

Anonymous said...

Filipino citizens joined in a boycott sponsored by Mabuhay Radio against Pechanga.
That was a good sign.

Anonymous said...

We are sovereign the government or nobody else aint gonna do s#%&!!!! Live with it!

Allen L. Lee said...

To anonymous of February 5, 2010 9:07 AM

I can't tell whether you are a moratorium or dis-enrolled person trying to play "Devils advocate" or a real tribal member.
With sovereignty, as with many things, cause and effect can be both internal and external. People may do things inside your sovereign nation and they may do things outside of it, based on your sovereign actions.
Let's have a clearer conversation.
Which "government" are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

all tribal members are all the same,no education,mexican gangbangers

Anonymous said...

Actually, that is NOT true. There are many who have college degrees.

And some are lawyers... what is it that Don Corleone said? A lawyer with briefcase can steal more than 100 men with guns..

'aamokat said...

Mr. Lee, we are pretty sure the heckler(s) are tribal members trying to discourage us but it won't work.

Allen L. Lee said...

Thanks 'aamokat.

Anonymous said...

paraphrase: "when you wrestle with a pig; remember...pigs like mud!"

stand your ground said...

as long as the rich Indians hand over $$$$ to Ca.Legislators, they will do their bidding and nothing will be "discussed or listend" to.
not with at least 95% of the political whores in Sacramento.

stand your ground said...

2nd Anonymous above Feb.5 9:07 AM

if your comments where not so stupid they would be amusing,
if you are Pechanga Tribal Member,
then Honey you are a "danger" in many ways to your community.

stand your ground said...

my comment was directed to Anonymus
Feb.3rd 11:52 am