Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rep. Diane Watson, Champion of Cherokee Freedmen, to Resign

A champion for the rights of the Cherokee Freedmen, this leaves a hole in the support of those who have been disenfranchised by tribal governments. Karen Bass was recently fined for not reporting gifts from, among others, The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, noted violators of the civil rights of their people. Well, certain members anyway.

Rep. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles), a prominent African American politician for more than three decades, plans to announce her retirement from Congress on Thursday, opening her seat for a possible run by termed-out state Assembly Speaker Karen Bass.Watson, 76, plans to hold a Los Angeles news conference to announce her plans.

A House Democratic leadership aide, speaking on condition that he not be named, confirmed her retirement plans.A congressional source said Watson was tiring of the cross-country trips and wanted to spend more time with her mother, who recently turned 100.

Watson's challenger is Felton Newell, who is getting money from the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rep. Diane Watson for your support of the Freedmen.

Please make sure your successor is schooled on the subject.

stand your ground said...

I was hoping that she would make another run for it.
I wish her a good life.

Anonymous said...

Having a mom that's 100 is so great for Rep. Watson.

Please remind your successor that we need them to help as you did.

Anonymous said...

You have one year Diane, to make thing right for the Cherokee Freedmen. Can you do it?