Monday, February 8, 2010

Pechanga Tribal Thefts: A Tale of Two Investigations

Many of us who follow what happens at Pechanga find it curious that an investigation into two crimes against the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians have disparate outcomes. We have the current criminal charges agains Ryan Robinson and James Riley for allegedly overcharging the Pechanga Tribe for insurance. Pechanga investigates, gives evidence to the grand jury, and the DA files criminal charges. In May 2007, we told our readers about the charges against Larry Miranda (CPP Member Frogmarched out of Pechanga Casino) . This was a case where Mr. Miranda was accused of skimming from employees tips. He was removed from his job, but, curiously, there were NO CHARGES filed against the son of former tribal council spokesperson Jennie Miranda and nephew of current council member Andrew Masiel. Larry is the grandson of Ruth Masiel, who was one of the group who eliminated 250 people from the Pechanga Tribe, in order to increase their per capita. The Masiel Crime Family has been documented HERE HERE and HERE We wonder why Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro wasn't worried about the integrity of the tribe in the Larry Miranda case. We also wonder why DA Larry Pacheco isn't concerned either? So in this the type of INTEGRITY we can expect from the Pechanga Tribal Council?

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How much does Pacheco get from Tribes?