Thursday, February 11, 2010

Watch Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro Lie to KNBC News

On the the sidebar, with a picture of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro (albeit, when he was thinner) and with it, a link to KNBC's WITHOUT A TRIBE .

In the first 15 seconds to the piece, Mark Macarro, whose net worth is over $1 million is caught in a lie. He continues to obfuscate during his interview with Colleen Williams, KNBC anchor.

 It's important to remember that Macarro has lied often about the disenrollments. He lied to the tribe when he said that the petition brought forth by Anthony Miranda, former head of CNIGA, to the tribe to halt all disenrollments, included the Hunter family. Mark also was disengenuous when he went before Congress to ask that the tribe be given land that was "sacred". So "sacred" that they put a golf course on it.

 Mark Macarro's  little brother John, said it was a "re-zoning" issue. It's important to know what Macarro is capable of, as he gets his press in the current internet gaming case. Mr. Macarro is the leader of the INCREDIBLE SHRINKING TRIBE. One of the largest terminations of Native Americans in California history. He is a beneficiary of the theft of per capita from the Manuela Miranda family and the Hunter family. That theft is now over $200 million dollars. Is that a big enough incentive to lie? Watch the whole video. It did so well for KNBC during sweeps, that they showed it in its entirety the very next day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!

You do look foolish trying to pass off lies.

Anonymous said...

Any body language expert would be laughing at all his tells for his lying.

I wonder if his first wife was going, 'oh yeah, he's lying'.

Is that what you looked like when you lied to her, Macarro?

Holly, what do you think?

'aamokat said...

Look at his eyes when the reporter asks him about the tribe's own hired expert who said this family is Pechanga.

Macarro subtly motions with his eyes to someone unseen in the room as if to say, "I'll handle it," when the unseen person, likely his brother, was telling him not to answer "that question."

He is really lying though when he implies that the disenrolled only joined the tribe because of the casino when he should know for a fact that most of us joined the tribe years before the tribe ever had a casino and some of us joined before he did!

Anonymous said...

How many wives has Macarro had?

Anonymous said...

So far he's had two....

Anonymous said...

The chairman is obviously lying. And it's worth it to him to do what is immoral and wrong, and since his parents are dead, he can't embarrass them, or shame them, so he might as well go for the money.

What will you say to your father when you meet again, Mr. Macarro?