Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Choose Las Vegas over a California Tribal Casino? Because you have FEW rights on an Indian Reservation.

At least in Las Vegas, you will have all the rights you are entitled too. The woman in this story followed all tribal ordinances in her suit and the tribe then says, "nope" and doesn't pay. Pechanga has BEATEN one of their customers, Richard Swan we wrote about it HERE. The Press Enterprise wouldn't write about it and the D.A. Rod Pacheco wouldn't press charges.

Better to go to Las Vegas, the slots are looser and there's more to see.

Woman injured at casino stuck in legal quagmire


Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 12:02 a.m.

During a visit to Sycuan Casino five years ago, Sarah Harris walked into a restroom altercation that she says changed her life.

Now, after what feels like countless hearings on the Indian reservation and in federal court, the 75-year-old former diesel engine mechanic still doesn’t have the $160,000 an arbitrator says she’s due.

Although tribal law says arbitration awards are to be enforced in federal court, the tribe has convinced a federal judge that he has no jurisdiction over the case.

Harris’ lawyer said this is more than frustrating.

“Why prepare an ordinance that says you can go to the federal court and when you get to the federal court, they say there’s no jurisdiction?” attorney John Crawford said. “They’re shooting out of both sides of their mouth

OP: Avoid Sycuan


Anonymous said...

Let them have their sovereignty, and let's give Las Vegas their business.

PHunter said...

Hey, there's better smoke filters in Las Vegas too, in most of the casinos.

You won't get beaten or banished either, in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

It's like going to another country: KNOW before you GO

Anonymous said...

Simply put, the machines are looser in Vegas because they have many other opportunities for your dollar.

And knowing Nevada takes their FAIR share helps.

Knowing that some tribes are so greedy like we read here is enough to keep me from going and also telling my friends not to go. We do go to Agua Caliente when we are down that way.