Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Original Pechanga is FOR Expanded Gaming but NO on Props. 94-97

I have stated before that I am FOR expanded gaming. But, as you can tell from this blog, I am AGAINST more slots for the Big 4.

We had a rule at our home growing up: "Nobody gets seconds until everyone has eaten."

There are many tribes in California that have not gotten their first serving of casino funds and therefore, my belief is that the richer tribes should not be able to gorge themselves when some tribes are literally starving.

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By comparison, counting every cent of its federal grants, timber sales and $1.1 million from a state fund that shares casino revenues between rich tribes and poor ones, the Yurok spent $12 million last year. That's less than what one of the richest, the Agua Caliente Band of Mission Indians near Palm Springs, is spending to appoint rooms in its new resort hotel with granite counter tops, whirlpool baths, plasma-screen TVs and other luxuries.
Widening the economic gap between the tribes, rich ones also spend tens of millions on political contributions in the state capital supporting laws limiting competition and increasing their profits. Sometimes that means big-game tribes work to subvert small tribes' efforts to get into the business.

Say NO to Expanded Gaming until every tribe has been to the table.

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Anonymous said...

"Say NO to Expanded Gaming until every tribe has been to the table."

That is such a crystal clear way of putting these propositions into perspective, thank you.