Sunday, January 6, 2008

Absolutely NO on Expanded Gaming: Investigate, Don't Collaborate

Paulina Hunter's blog has the editorial from the Sacramento Bee that criticizes the handling of compacts

NO on Prop.94: Handling of Gambling Compacts Merit Investigation
Editorial: Bungling? Or ... Handling of gambling compacts at state and federal levels merits an investigationwww.sacbee.comDueling campaign ads alternately denouncing and praising four new Indian gaming compacts began hitting airwaves across California weeks ago. Opponents and proponents of four initiative referenda on the Feb. 5 ballot – Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97 – are spending millions to persuade voters to ratify the compacts or to repeal them. Despite the campaigns, the compacts could well be in effect already. In a series of curious – if not downright suspicious – actions, the disputed compacts were ratified by the U.S. secretary of the interior last month and their approval published in the Federal Register.Here's what happened. After the Legislature approved the compacts last summer, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sent them to the California secretary of state's office. Even though the compacts were not set to become law until Jan. 1 and opponents were collecting signatures to place initiatives on the ballot to repeal them, Secretary of State Debra Bowen forwarded the agreements on to the U.S. Department of Interior in September.

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