Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pechanga Tried to Keep Us from Voting: NO on 94

Pechanga did not want the people of California to exercise their voting rights and use of the referendum that is our right. Similarly, they eliminated their own tribal members because they were afraid they MIGHT vote against some people they wanted. They were successful in controlling the ballot box in tribal votes, by violating their people's civil rights.

We have the option to vote NO on 94 as well as the other expanded gaming propositions. Pechanga certainly deserves a no vote, for the way they have cheated their own.

Here is the commercial that NO Unfair Deals is running. They've had some very good spots running on the high profile shows, including some football games. It ALSO mentions that the tribes didn't want all of us to vote. When I figure how to embed the link, I'll have it up.

Please take a look at it.

Pechanga should not be rewarded with BILLIONS of dollars for trying to keep us from voting on this measure. VOTE NO on 94


Anonymous said...

Pechanga has earned my disgust after reading about what they have done to other Indians. Indian on Indian crime is something we don't ever read about.
Who is your spokesperson?

badabing said...

They should cut off all their fake indian pony tails and go back to being white people again. They are a disgrace to true indians. The only thing they care about is slot machines and growing pony tails - not even helping their own people.

OPechanga said...

I do give props to Macarro for learning the language and studying tribal ways.

Not bad for a Colton boy.... It's a shame he turned to the dark side. His temper is well known.

Anonymous said...

Add my no vote! Forget about getting my money anymore Pechanga. I'll go to Pala or Rincon.