Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pechanga & Morongo are DESPERATE! Spending over $82 MILLION

It's DESPERATION time! The Pechanga Band is rightfully worried that their Prop. 94 will be the only proposition to LOSE in three weeks. If these propositions were so good for California, WHY would the tribes have to spend $82,700,000 trying to convince us?

And this total does not include the millions the tribe spend trying to KEEP US from our right to vote on this issue. These propositions STINK and thus, don't pass the smell test. Vote NO on Pechanga, No on 94.

Indian gaming fight tops $100 million
SACRAMENTO - With 18 days still to go, the money pouring into the fight over four Indian gaming measures on the Feb. 5 ballot has topped $100 million, positioning the initiative battle to become the most expensive of all time.
The Pechanga band, which operates a bustling casino resort in Temecula, pushed the campaign into nine figures on Friday with a $12 million check that raised its stake thus far to a staggering $32.4 million.

The Morongo band of Banning, which owns a glistening high-rise casino resort just off busy Interstate 10, has put up $30.5 million, followed by Agua Caliente of Palm Springs at $14.7 million and Sycuan of El Cajon, $5 million.
The four tribes together have dumped nearly $82.7 million into the campaign to save compacts that would allow them to add up to 17,000 more slot machines in Southern California.
The opposition -- two other big gaming tribes, a casino workers union and the owner of two horse tracks -- has mustered $25.9 million to date. Most of that has come from the two tribes -- $11.5 million from the Pala band of north San Diego County and $9 million from United Auburn of suburban Sacramento.

VOTE NO on Prop. 94 No to Pechanga No to Civil Rights Violators.

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Anonymous said...

Wilson Meany Sullivan and it's partners are only opposing the bills to line their own pockets. Their real estate ventures have not been well thought out, they are behind, and they need to keep their existing out of date casinos alive until they can replace them with revenue generating alternatives. The organization, operating in stealth, if they were honest and ethical, would reveal themselves, their organization and name the two race tracks. Instead, they resort to deception, which is the prime operating style of a key executive. Lie to the public, distort the truth, never honor anything, deny it all, and work and function as if they were the victim.

I can attest to the fact that the individuals in the television ads have been paid to appear - paid to their charities, campaigns or other sources, so that WMS could have them appear.

No one has asked them how much they have contributed out of their own wallets. Each one of the key executives at the funding organizations earn well over One Million Dollars a year! How many people in California earn a salary like theirs? How many people in California live the life styles these men do? And, what they or the Tribes do not state or tell the public is the amount of money the four tribes provide in charity each year, without press, without fanfare.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Vote YES - the state needs the funds - regardless of how it is allocated.