Sunday, January 13, 2008

How Many California Indian Tribes Support Pechanga's New Gaming Agreement?

There are over 105 recognized California Indian Tribes. According to the Pro-Expanded compact site, only 17 tribes are in support, including Jamul, who forcibly evicted (with metal batons and pepper spray) tribal members to make room for a casino. Redding Rancheria, who loves to disenroll their members is also a supporter. The California Valley Miwoks, have disenrolled 33% of their entire TRIBE'S decision makers!

Now, add Pechanga to the mix, the tribe who kicked their elders to the curb, eliminated 25% of the tribe, forced children OUT OF THEIR School..... and now are complaining they aren't getting enough money.

It's like killing your parents and then whining about being an orphan..... VOTE NO

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