Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pechanga Rolls Snake Eyes: NO on Prop. 94-97

The tribes aren't getting very far for all their millions trying to convince us that the deal the DID NOT want us to vote on, is now good for us.

Field Poll: Props. 94-97 Roll Snake Eyes

January 24th, 2008 by No Unfair Deals

With less than two weeks to go, the Field Poll released today finds the Big 4 tribes are betting the house on their gambling deals, and rolling snake eyes so far.Despite $82 million worth of campaign to push these deals, Field’s finding: 42% yes – 37% no, confirms what we’ve seen as well, the more voters know about these deals, the less they like them.

As voters find out that what we’re really voting on – 17,000 new slot machines, one of the largest expansions of gambling ever, for the benefit of just four wealthy tribes – that the tribes and only the tribes decide how much money they will give the state – and that these deals come at the expense of other smaller tribes, the surrounding communities and the workers at the Big 4 casinos – they’re finding plenty of reasons to vote no.

When Californians originally voted to approve Indian gaming, we didn’t intend to make four wealthy tribes, wealthier still. We didn’t intend to give just four tribes control over a third of all Indian gaming. And we didn’t intend to give all that to the Big 4 tribes – in exchange for a financial drop in the bucket, a contribution of less than one half of one percent of the General Fund.

These sweetheart deals promise us the moon. A closer look is showing voters that all these deals actually deliver is big money to the Big 4. And on Election Day, we think voters will send these compacts back to Sacramento for a new deal.

This is the critical part California. A NO vote does NOT mean that Tribal Gaming will end, it means that, the Big FOUR tribes will have to settle for the HUNDRED$ of MILLION$ they are making now, until they negotiate a deal that is better for Californians. You can't believe that the tribes won't come back and tighten up the details to get it approved. There are only 1800 tribal members since Pechanga kicked out 25% and are keeping out 4-500 more via an unconstitutional moratorum (against the TRIBE'S Constitution and Bylaws). They will take a deal where the state gets more, say 25% on all slots and better auditing and less ambiguous language. Because the tribes at 25% will still get $28 BILLION or $15.5 million EACH.

Vote NO.

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What is the limit of machines that Pala has?