Monday, January 14, 2008

Quote from Mark Macarro, Leader of Pechanga's Incredible Shrinking Tribe

Mark Macarro
, chairman of the Pechanga tribe, says there’s no way Indians will give Gov. Gray Davis the $1.5 billion he’s seeking to help offset the state budget deficit. "Why should [taxes] go to the state?" Macarro asks. "This is our business."


So NOW he wants us to believe that he gives a HOOT about our budget? NOW he wants us to believe that they are spending money to PROTECT CALIFORNIA'S BUDGET AND ECONOMY?


Creeper said...

We should all be thankful that the Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is worried about California's future? He certaintly does not give a damn about the people in his tribe that he disenrolled, nor does he care about the poorest Indian Tribes in our state, nor does he respect civil rights...Mark Macarro, you lost respect in many peoples eyes and you are living down to your reputation. In years to come you will be remembered as the one who brought shame upon your tribe.

Anonymous said...

Good post. This hits a very important point. Macarro could care less about Californias budget problems

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Macarro doesn't care too much about anyone but himself and his new family.

From working three jobs, to making almost half million a year.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Macarro on anything. He betrayed his people.

OPechanga said...

Mark Macarro is corrupt and there's so much evidence to prove it.
Masiels will spring it on him when the time is right.
Macarro's legacy of corruption and egregious civil rights violations will be one for the books.