Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pechanga Blood says NO on Prop 94.

Pechanga videos for NO on 94. Joe Liska is Pechanga blood. His sisters keep him out of the tribe.

Here is one of his best videos:

IF you feel we need more gambling in California, vote yes on 95, 96 and 97, but vote NO on Pechanga. This will show that we don't think they should be rewarded with BILLIONS of our dollars for cheating their people, abusing their elders and children and taking away health care and educational assistance for a huge portion of their membership.


Anonymous said...

Why would they keep out members of their own family. Isn't be a tribe about togetherness? After all Indians have suffered through the last two centuries, and a small group of greedy people takes over and kicks old people and kids out?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't more people speaking out like this guy is? What are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

How did his sisters do this? Were they on the enrollment committee or any power?

OPechanga said...

Joe's sister Mary Bear Magee was on the enrollment committee. She was kicked off for violating confidentiality rules. She denied it of course. Her sister, Gloria Wright, campaigned for the moratorium, campaigned for the elimination of members because they didn't "vote the way we want".

They did not stand up for their own brother.