Sunday, January 13, 2008

No on Props 94, 95, 96,97: What is a Modest Increase in Slots?

One of the pro expanded gaming commercials running now (paid for by $50 million from the big 4 tribes) claims that the agreements would allow a "modest increase in slot machines" to the tribes. Let's examine that claim.

Current slots: 8,000 New slots available with compact: 17,000 Therefore a modest increase in slots, according to the tribes is 212.5%

I encourage all workers at Pechanga to ask for a "modest increase" in salary.

The $ 8 an hour Janitor will now make: $17 per hour ($16,000 per year to $35,000)
The $12 an hour restaurant manager will now make: $25.50 per hour
The $16 an hour Pit boss will now make $34 per hour ($32,000 per year to $70,000)
The $32 an hour executive will now make $68 per hour

Do you think Pechanga would think those salary increases "modest"? Union organizers, please use the term MODEST in your next negotiations.

Vote NO to a modest increase, No to Pechanga. Please write the casino and ask them to give a modest increase of 212.5% to their employees.


Anonymous said...

How many of the current Pechanga tribal members are using a PO BOX and not really living on the rez? How much should they be paying in state income taxes? Macarro, Murphy, don't live on the rez. Masiels live in Hemet.

Anonymous said...

I think it's actually 112.5%, but your point is still a stron one.