Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BIA ADMITS to Having Documents in San Pasqual Membership Dispute

Last week, we discussed the BIA's despicable Amy Dutschke and her lack of effort in handling the San Pasqual membership matter.  In fact, she was part of the problem in this continuing saga. There were FOIA requests that revealed some interesting things.  Click the link above to read about it.

The have been new developments, the San Pasqual people have heard from Assistant Regional Director Dale Risling (hopefully meaning Dutschke has recused herself)

On a Facebook posting to the true San Pasqual people, attorney Alexandra McIntosh described the situation:

On October 1, 2014, I received a telephone call from Robert Eben. He had me on speaker with himself, Frances Muncy and Mr. Smith at Riverside. He was going to ask me for additional time in which to answer the FOIA about notice. However, they realized they had no documents I requested . . . only 3 pages. Also, we received through FOIA the letter sent February 2006 from Sacramento to Washington D.C. So, I suggested to Mr. Risling that Riverside has already had the documents, the ONLY thing that needs to be done is for Sacramento to provide the 48.9 notice. He didn't know about our FOIA. So, I have e-mailed him the documents . . .that includes the letter from Riverside TO Sacramento, as well as the letter from Sacramento TO Washington, in which the descendants did not get their 48.9 notice. He said that he will get back to me this week. Hang tight everyone, we ARE on the right path.

The Sacramento office needs to act, since the Riverside office has done their part.  Congratulations to the true San Pasqual and their attorney, Alexandra McIntosh

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