Monday, February 20, 2012

Japanese American Evictions, Our Shameful History Repeats Itself on California Indian Reservations

Yesterday was 70 years since President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law his executive order allowing the eviction and relocation of American citizens of Japanese descent. It's a shameful period in our history.

70 years later, it's Native American who are eviciting people. The San Pascual Tribe is evicting some who they disenrolled. This is 4 years after the Jamul Indian Tribe evicted tribal members who were against a casino going up on their land.

132 years ago, the Pechanga people were forcibly evicted from their land, forced to move where their reservation is currently and the Tribal Council, lead by Mark Macarro are practicing apartheid and segregation on descendents of Original Pechanga people, including those whom Mr. Macarro's people called "aunt". Shameful.
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