Thursday, June 12, 2014

WORSE THAN REDSKINS NICKNAME: Consorting with Apartheid Leader Mark Macarro of Pechanga

I once wrote to NARF (Native American Rights Fund) about seven years ago for help with the disenrollment issues at the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. 

  The response: "We don't do Indian vs. Indian".

Well now one of the reasons:  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is on their board of directors. He's the leader of the Pechanga Tribe, who oversaw the termination of 25% of his incredibly shrinking tribe.  He has violated the civil rights and human rights of tribal members, threatened others with expulsion, while maintaining the cool exterior of someone with unadulterated power

Human and Civil Rights Abuser Mark Macarro (far right) of Pechanga,
which practices APARTHEID on their Reservation.

Read how the Pechanga Tribe's Termination Committee disenrolled the Hunter family  which still maintain their original allotment from 1895, one which many in the tribe cannot claim.

Macarro ignored the will of the people, the final authority in all matters of government and 

business of the tribe, and their political self determination when, after the people voted to outlaw 

disenrollment in 2005, he and the Pechanga tribal council allowed the Hunter family to be 

disenrolled anyway in 2006 in violation of a legally binding duly passed law. He failed to follow the

tribal constitution.

Macarro did not maintain the Band's distinct and unique cultural identity when, after promising the 

United States Congress and the U.S. Department of Interior in 2002 that no development 

whatsoever would take place and sensitive environmental and cultural resources on the Great Oak 

Ranch property were to be preserved and protected as they were, and a golf course was put on the 

land instead.

Read about how descendents to the land from the TOSOBOL family were banished for picking sage while a child molester was okay to live on the Rez.   Their family members (Ibanez - Vasquez) worked to keep them out and control their land rights.

Read about the Corruption Exposed at Pechanga…  quid pro quo for terminations with "exceptions" to the decade long moratorium on new members.  Former Enrollment Committee chair's sisters gained entrance to the tribe, while over 100 were excluded...after two large families were terminated.

Elder Abuse at Pechanga  loss of per capita and health benefits that elders desperately needed to maintain their self-reliance gained when the Pechanga Resort and Casino

And YES apartheid is being practiced at Macarro's reservation in Temecula, CA. NARF MUST be proud....

The Native American Rights Fund doesn't help NATIVE AMERICAN's with their RIGHTS? They worry about a team NICKNAME, yet WELCOME an abuser, a cheat, a thief and one who does NOT follow tribal law into their BOARD OF DIRECTORS.... we call SHAME ON YOU.


Anonymous said...

Haha good one,..

Anonymous said...

Spokesman Macarro if you really feel it's ok the way you have treated others, than you can live with this chapter of story. If you believe its ok to treat others different than you want to be treated, I guess that's why we are here.

Anonymous said...

Mark didn't ignore the will of the people, he out right rejected there decision. Then he lied and announced that The General Membership had NO say in matters of enrollment.

So basically he is taking the stance that a Tribe has the right to choose there own membership, UNLESS its someone I don't want.


Anonymous said...

Oh ya that shines some light through.

Anonymous said...

Does Mark forget to tell the truth? "ALL MEANS ALL" when and band makes a decision. Oh ya the band decides on some issues as long as I agree. Spokesman has spoken

Anonymous said...

Native American Rights Fund.
All Native Americans deserve water rights except Allotted Indians on my reservation, right Macarro? If the words are true, and Allotted families have been disenrolled, why would they not be allowed water rights during a settlement from about the same time the reservation was created? Why where the Allotted members recognized by your ancestors and earlier in life allowed to be enrolled then disenrolled and stepped on over and over by you Mr. Spokesman?

Anonymous said...

I think the terrorist groups in the east maybe are being supported by the terrorist groups here. If they can help shine the light towards those terrorists, the acts of the corrupt here maybe overlooked. Paying 2% extra at the fuel pump today may not stop people from seeing the Liars and Actors who have committed Apartheid acts on Indians within their own worlds. Spokesman Macarro terrorist leader here, Apartheid acts are ok right?

Anonymous said...

The Bad Actors (CPP “Concerned” A.K.A Corrupt Pechanga People) communicate saying how sad it was how our Ancestors where treated by people who wanted their land, work areas, community areas, burial sites, and pushed our Ancestors around saying this is mine now go move on with yourselves and live somewhere else. You or your children have no rights here, we took all your rights away, now feel like your ancestors did and move on. We the CPP deserve more than you do because I said so. We deserve your land, work areas, community areas, burial sites more than you because I said so. Today the CPP are apples instead of acorns falling from the trees. We would treat you the same way if it was a corn field we wanted more than the shared casino grounds our ancestors where pushed to before the reservation was created.