Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tribal Disenrollment is an IMMORAL Use of Tribal Sovereignty. IT IS GENOCIDE: Michelle Hammock, Hopland Pomo

At the Capitol portion of the Native Lives Matter Protest, Hopland Pomo Native Michelle Hammock one of 74 who were disenrolled from the Hopland Tribe. gave a masterful speech on tribal disenrollment and sovereignty.  I'll excerpt some here and you can find the entire speech here.

Michelle Hammock
HOPLAND 74 Disenrollment happened with very short notice:

Hammock: Our tribe’s constitution does have a membership clause that spells out instances of potential loss of membership. The council however, disregarded every word of the constitution and did things their own way. Because… Sovereignty.  
OP:  SOVEREIGNTY, wielded as a club to beat tribal citizens will lead to, the end of sovereignty.  That's what must be impressed upon tribal leaders and the people that follow them.

Hammock: Our tribes are given sovereign rights to determine who is a tribal member. So once we are members, why do we have to continue a song and dance in order to keep our memberships? What is going on here, breeds corruption. IF a member has a fundamental disagreement of policy or a person, that should not be grounds for disenrollment. 

Unfortunately, it is. Any opposition to the tribal council is now grounds for disenrollment. Because.. Sovereignty.

OP:  1st Amendment rights should always apply.  Alternate viewpoints should NOT be an OFFENSE, it should be welcomed.  Let the tribe decide, not corrupt leaders.

Hammock: Since our disenrollment, there hasn’t been a day that we haven’t put our foot forward to stop fighting for our rights. There is a group of great  people from our tribe who also realize they, too,  were cheated out of their rights as tribal members. By a fair count of their own votes. To be heard in tribal council meetings that have since taken place. By asking tribal authorities questions, to only be barred from meetings and blacked out of communications. Now with the pot farms being installed without consulting the members, are now being threatened with trespassing on tribal lands. ON TRIBAL LANDS, Natives are now being threatened with trespassing on their own lands! Why? Because the tribal council’s Sovereignty.

OP:  The Indian Civil Rights Act needs to be strengthened.  I urge all of you to contact YOUR representatives and demand changes.

Disenrolled Native Children UNPROTECTED by ICWA

Hammock: One of our prepaid right and benefit that is stripped is ICWA; a federal law that attempts to protect our Native children from forced adoptions and foster care to non native homes. It is meant for our native children to maintain a relationship with their culture, their tribe, their people. If any of our children are in the ICWA system prior to disenrollment, now, this puts every disenrolled child at imminent risk for foster care outside of native homes, adoptions to non native families, breaking every tie they have with their tribe and its people

READ the Full Speech HERE  and please SHARE on social media.  


WeRone said...

Our ancestors rights were already taken away by people who didn't even believe they had rights, now we have bands of Indians want to take others rights within the band and say it's okay cuz we have a sovereign Shield even if their custom and tradition says different. Shameful acts have a Karma and everyone will face it one way or another.

White Buffalo said...

The tribes that engage in this behavior of hurting people may think that they are getting away or over on us little guys, but it only appears that way. In reality they will testify against themselves in the final judgment. There will be no lawyers to speak for them. they will stand before the White Throne and they will give reason for their actions and thoughts according to the motivations of their hearts. There will be no lies or excuses only the final judgment. There is a way out for them but it will take more than some are willing to do. Accepting Jesus and repentance is the way out for us all even those who have hurt us. Jesus gospel speaks of forgiveness and we are required to forgive all sins against us and to pray for our enemies. Remember that if you call yourself a Christian then you know that Jesus forgave all of your sins, so forgive theirs and pray that they repent and make right the wrongs they have done.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for the holy one, the Tribal Treasure at the Pala Reservation.
?-How does it feel knowing that you will NEVER SEE YOUR MOTHER OR ANY OF YOUR LOVED ONES that make it into Heaven.
Your evil actions that you are guilty of against rightful Tribal Members will keep you out of Heaven.
You are one of the most evil and corrupt people that ever lived on the Reservation.
And to think that you use God and the Indian Mission on the Res to cover up your hatefulness.
If you really do read your Bible and live by the teachings of the Word of God you would know that you CANNOT BUY YOUR WAY IN TO HEAVEN.
Is it maybe that you don't really care about you family members at all
while living here on earth, or is it that you are a fake and think that you will be granted a free pass because of who you think your are? well guess again.

Anonymous said...

That's true 5:17 pm
She is a very hateful person and she thinks that she is above everyone else.
To many that have had contact with her think that she is nothing but an evil little slut and would like to punch her right in the face.

Anonymous said...

Nieto is making herself a real nice place in Hell. Oh she will be crying on her death bed about her life, but it will be too late, because she is going to need to be forgiven by all of those she has offended, and wow the list is so long. Plus she knows that every time she goes to receive Holy Communion with these mortal sins on her soul is just damning her to hell more. If her family really cared about her and her soul, they would push her to repent.

Anonymous said...

Her family and close friends have tried to talk to her but she is in so deep with the corruption and Robert SMITH that she is afraid to go to prison, so she keeps on doing what she knows is wrong and totally against what she has been taught by others.
In other words she is convinced that she will be forgiven at the last minute on her death bed, boy is she wrong.

Anonymous said...

She needs to realize the people are forgiving if she is willing to fix things and start to make amends and doing the right thing. She doesn't have to admit anything just start showing us the Pala people that she has changed and will make things right and forgiveness can happen. If some people on the EC are not willing to give up their corruption and hateful ways then she along with other members of the EC need to pick a side and do what they know is right, not what they are told to do. It's not too late make amends before it is.

Anonymous said...

She is not going to change for anyone.
She loves fucking Tribal Members.
Doesn't she Kilma. How was that OWL pussy was it worth it to deceive your people for a roll in the hat with a slut like Nieto.

Anonymous said...

@9:04 PM
Why should anyone forgive her? she has had years to make things right and to admit her mistakes/intentions.
She continues to degrade Tribal Members and slander the disenrolled.
It would not surprise me one bit if someone were to kick the living shit out of her.
In fact I would party hardy if it were to ever happen.
This is something that she has earned and deserves without any doubt.

Anonymous said...

Also word around the Pala Rez is that everyone was afraid to nominate
anyone to run for the EC spots last Wednesday night at the meeting because of the threats that Robert Smith was spreading around.
The threats were that anyone that nominated anyone for the open seats would be dealt with.
That's why no one nominated anyone to run against the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:35 PM
I heard the same thing this afternoon and could not believe it.
Then this person played a tape recording of the treats and it was the voice of Robert Smith on the tape.
This person has made copies and has sent them to different media outlets and the proper authorities.
He has gone to far this time and I believe that he is worried .

Anonymous said...

He better be worried because a copy of this recording has been sent to the DOJ and the Asst. Sec.of the Interior.