Friday, January 30, 2015

Windbag Democrat LUIS ALEJO Demands Apology for Anti Sovereignty Comment

This came out earlier this week, or maybe last week, but it's getting play now, It a letter demanding an apology for a comment by a non-descript country supervisor on the Chumash issue:

I was disappointed to read your comments in a recent Lompoc Record article questioning the sovereign nation status of Native American tribes. It is unbelievable that such statements would be made in any context, but I am especially disappointed to see them come from an elected official. I appreciate and respect free speech and the freedoms that come with being citizens of this great nation of ours, but publically espousing such misinformed views only serve to minimize the very real and brutal history of repression that Native Americans have endured.

The ugly truth is that Native people were placed on reservations that look nothing like their original homelands. In regards to the Chumash Nation, I would remind you that their original land base spanned from Paso Robles to Malibu and inland to Bakersfield. But that is not the land they live on today. Instead, they were provided with 99 acres of land of which a large percentage was and remains a river bed.
California Democrat Luis Alejo

My response to him:  

Dear Luis,

I was disappointed to read where YOU gave an award to Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, who practices APARTHEID and Segregation against terminated tribal members. 

YOU HONOR a man who uses SOVEREIGNTY like a club to beat the weak and helpless, yet get your panties in a bunch against a statement my a guy who is NOT EVEN in your DISTRICT? I am especially disappointed, that an elected Democrat, who should be protecting the people, instead follows blindly the lead of a man who has harmed HUNDREDS by stripping their citizenship and heritage.

The UGLY TRUTH is that it's ELECTED OFFICIALS like YOU who turn a blind eye to the abuses of tribes who donated to your campaigns and pay lip service to words, while not standing up for those who need YOUR HELP.


icitall said...

This demonstrates how elected officials kowtow to wealthy gaming tribes and their perverse practices. Poor, and less visible tribes are not afforded that same representation because they cannot afford it. See how that works? Money not only talks, it swears, and dis-enrolls and hides behind the guise of sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

It's about the money that casino tribes can give versus the lip service the politicians will pay.

Do what's RIGHT Luis. Return Pechanga Money

Anonymous said...

Very good response op I agree if more brother s and sisters would stand up Our Voices Would be heard let's go visit new congress with new legislation only clan nominated let's get it together Polysqwalis says