Friday, January 23, 2015

Corrupt Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro DOESN'T LIKE Proposed Poker Bill

The Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians , Mark Macarro who lied to Congress to gain land by saying it was "culturally significant" then put a golf course on it doesn't like much like the new online poker bill.

 Macarro's STATEMENT

“There is much for tribes to dislike about this bill. [AB 167]

“We are disappointed that the bill disregards important principles from a broad coalition of respected tribes and card rooms that help prevent corporations and entities that previously violated federal law from profiting from tainted software, brands, and databases derived from illegal activity.

“Tribes have been steadfast in the principle that online poker be consistent with California's longstanding public policy of limited gaming, and that means keeping it to just tribes and card rooms.  California voters have always had the final say on gaming expansion and they have already rejected expansion of gaming for horse racing.” 

Make you wonder how he includeds Pechanga in group of "respected tribes" doesn't it?   When Macarro himself was the subject of a recall attempt for hiring his wife's lobbying firm without the tribe's approval.  

Pechanga’s Apartheid Reservation    keeps original tribal allottees from using the facilities on the reservation, such as playgrounds and water fountains without a member present.   

NOW, who is the bad actor?


White Buffalo said...

Hey Marcy money bought you respect and sovereignty has protected you and hidden your lies. You lied to congress about the land into trust usage. You lied about the rights of the allotte's water rights. You lied at our disenrollment hearing and appeal. You lied to the courts and the media when you said the courts affirmed that we did not belong. The courts have not to this day heard the merits of our complaint against you and the enrollment committee. You hid behind sovereignty when you told the media, courts, and public that it was an internal matter and that the tribe was correcting membership errors. You let Jenny Miranda and her son steal from the tribe. I know there are other things that you have done that are even worse. What I am saying is I see through all of the smooth talking and bullcrap. You are not respected.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Buffalo is correct... Macarro deserves NO RESPECT....
He is evil and no amount of lobbying money will change that.....

Anonymous said...

It's funny how he didn't kick anybody out while he was trying to get California voters to buy his mouthful of lies. He needed the bigger number of tribal members at that point. It sounded better when California voters were helping a larger amount of Indians.

Anonymous said...

And he still allows people to steal from the people's casino. Ask Ken Perez, he knows as well. The corruption at Pechanga Resort and Casino is a mainstay, to do anything about it now would just look silly.

A. Nony Mous said...

The state of California needs to legalize gaming for the entire state and quash corrupt Indian casinos once and for all. This will happen- it's only a matter of time.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Legalized gambling in California is not a good idea. It would put gaming tribes in danger of defaulting on their loans as the gambling market would saturate. In fact the competition for gaming dollars would make the entire industry quite fragile and susceptible to collapse.

On a different note, as the Chairman of Pechanga, Macarro should be protecting the tribe's gaming revenue and working for legislation that favors the Pechanga Casino. The problem with his statement is that he wants people to believe that tribes haven't violated federal law for profit. It is a completely hypocritical position.

Even worse, the truth behind the corruption is buried here on Pechanga Blog, and the major news outlets do not publish the whole story about the corruption and criminal actions perpetrated by the leaders of gaming tribes against their own people.

There is still plenty of work to do to get media attention on the abhorrent abuse of human and civil rights that is ongoing in Indian Country. One of the big problems is that gaming tribes use their advertising budgets as blackmail to prevent the truth from being told.

It is hard to overcome the power of the dollar, the spin doctors, and the entrenched discrimination against Indians that prevails in America. Even the Indians exhibit this discrimination against each other. It makes us all seem somehow petty and unworthy of the income generated from tribal gaming.

Let's keep working to show that there are honest Indians who are working against the corruption, and build bridges with those who can help us. There may be allies out that can be won over with integrity and politesse.

Anonymous said...

Reinstatement, why should the majority of Californians care what happens to the few tribal members that are left?.obviosly these leaders are reducing the tribes mrmbers to suit their own greed. California needs to look out for the majority, not a very small minority that is abusing its sovereign status to suit themselves.

Anonymous said...

Until the Bad Actors want to accept "ALL" decedent's our Ancestors created, they can share the lies and misinformation and live with the outcome now and after they leave and join our Ancestors in the after life. Nothing would be here today without our Ancestors settling in out Rez. No one is more recognizable now or after. We are "ALL" here forever.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

There are many minority populations in the state of California, and all have rights and are entitled to a voice. You may as well ask why should Californians care about what happens to the handicapped, or disabled persons, or the homeless?

I think you are trying to say that Californians should not care about Indians and tribal gaming. There should be no concern for those whose lands were stolen, who were herded onto reservations in the least desirable areas of the state, who have received substandard education and medical care, and who have been faced with genocide and termination since European settlers invaded America.

It is callous and inhumane to speak about Indians in such manner, regardless of how some tribal leaders treat their people. Keep in mind that Indian tribes were given land patents, insuring that their lands are held for them in perpetuity. That means they can use their land the way they want. Tribes have established their right to engage in gaming as a means of generating revenue. It is an investment that Tribes make using the resources at their disposal to turn a profit.

If the state of California told you that the business you had legally developed was now opened to those who were formerly excluded you would be up in arms. You would say that it is your investment, your business, your livelihood, and that you obeyed the laws. Why should latecomers be allowed to leverage your hard work and investment for their profit?

It seems there are some people that think it is unfair for Indians to operate gaming on their own land, using their own resources, creating jobs, paying taxes, and using the money to help raise their people out of poverty. Those who think this way want Indians to be poor, ignorant, disadvantaged, and denied every opportunity for a better life. It is disgraceful bigotry and there is no place for it in a diverse society.

My comment was very specific. I think that major news outlets should abide by journalistic ethics and report all sides of the story so that voters are well informed. Then the majority can make voting decisions the are fair and balanced. Instead the public relations representatives of gaming tribes suppress the facts about their internal problems, and claim that others are bad actors when they should be painted with that brush themselves.

Probably more answer than you wanted, but Indians have suffered endlessly at the hands of those who wish them gone for no reason other than shameful bigotry. I will always denounce such abhorrent and unjust beliefs.

White Buffalo said...

Unbiased reporting, ethical treatment of a topic, and reporting both sides from a media agency like privately owned news papers or TV networks is not todays reality. Money drives these entities through marketing and advertisements, but I know this is common knowledge.

For a cause like ours to be effective we must;

1. Raise funds
2. Must establish legitimacy within the public and government
3. Must mobilize their members to take action (writing letters, petitions, voting)
4. Creates a sense of identity
5. Have unity in cause and action

These things sound simple, but look how long we have been fighting. We are fragmented, we know it, the tribes know it, and the government knows it. Public support is also important. I mention raising funds first because, well do I really have to say. Until we can unify all those who are affected by illegal moratoriums and unfair disenrollment's nothing is going to happen. History proves this.

Anonymous said...

White buffalo, you are right. What hurts you in the eyes of the public are the people on this blog that rant and rave about being cheated and dis enrolled. I am sure they were cheated but look at what is portrayed. In that same line they talk about the money being stolen by the tribal leaders and how the per cap they deserve is $30,000 per month. I am not arguing but it doesn't paint a picture that many people can or will support. People are struggling to survive right now and they read about someone that says they deserve $30000 per month.

If you hope to be successful, you have to get the everyday white man to support your cause, otherwise you have a long road.