Monday, January 12, 2015

Tribal Membership Issues, Disenrollments, Moratoriums, Banishments are a Generational Issue That Needs ALL Generations to Work Together

This has been a week for building relationships among the many Native people who have been harmed by their own tribe via civil and human rights abuses.

We posted of the two recent protests at the San Pasqual Reservation in Valley Center, CA, where a dedicated group of nearly 100 stood together in the rain to protest membership issues with San Pasqual, a tribal leader, with no blood of the band, keeping blood San Pasqual out of the tribe.  One young woman, plaintively imploring her own grandfather to help her...through a six foot fence and guards keeping her from her rightful place.

Youngest and Eldest Protesters at the BIA, 60 years separating generations
The Indian Civil Rights Act is being trampled with impunity and when tribal leaders have no fear of retribution, their moral compass goes askew.

That's why I'm asking my readers to get back in the game, there's a thousand children that have lost their heritage and as we've seen only last week, some elders that walk on without receiving either justice, or their just do.  

Our young people are working to improve out social networking skills, the twitterstorm was developed by Emilio Reyes, who helped us get a thousand tweets going yesterday to the Senate, the Indian Committees and other important people.    WE have to learn to use the technology, and enhance our tactics to find justice.   As shown yesterday and today, there are many willing to do just that.

We need those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines hoping "somebody  does something" to be one of the somebodies that DOES do something.  My own family has way too many doing nothing, even when others stood up yesterday and today.    Don't GIVE up....don't EVER give up.  That's all the corruptors, like Robert Smith of Pala, Mark Macarro of Pechanga, Allen Lawson of San Pasqual are waiting for, us to either give up or die.   I choose to do neither, how about you?



."knock "knock"..Expect Us!..rain or shine.. And next time..There will be more warriors!...Dont let these..crooks take our birthrights !away!...we will fight!!..we.Stand up! Stand up!...Natives Warriors Stand up!..Stand up for your rights!!...Moon sisters awake!..California.Arizona.New Mexico Sun native dancers...your tribal tunes..will change to the beat of the heart.. when you feel the earth shake and at the shamans drum...

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