Thursday, January 8, 2015


From Fresno News:

Chukchansi Casino remains closed Wednesday night-- as it been since early October-- following a violent takeover attempt.
Tribal members arrested in that scuffle remain in jail, too.
And, according to court documents filed in December, one group claims tribal moneys are paying for the criminal defense attorneys representing those who were arrested.
The filing by the Morris Reid faction is calling on the courts to order full accounting of all tribal monies since mid-October.
Documents claim that the Tex McDonald faction is using tribal money it stashed away, for his defense attorney, and the attorney for Vernon king.
It also urges the court to hold a third faction, led by Reggie Lewis and Nancy Ayala, to be held in contempt.
A federal judge allowed this faction to maintain control of the casino's books to pay mandatory gaming commission fees and make equal payments to every tribal member on the enrollment list, dating back to December of 2010.
But, documents claim not everyone received their monthly checks, for nearly 400 dollars.
The filing lists 77 members who had been on the list, but never received their money.To remedy this, Reid is asking the court to appoint a receiver, to oversee the casino's finances.

Tax season fallout is coming from the Chukchansi casino closure. Gamblers say they're getting the runaround over critical documents. Three months into the casino's closure, some gamblers have gotten paid out. But they could still be losers at tax time.

The sign off Highway 41 reads "temporarily closed", but the doors at Chukchansi casino haven't opened for months and the machines have gone dark. Gamblers were briefly able to cash in chips, but as the time approaches to reckon with the IRS, a new worry is growing.

"With the casino being closed, I'm just concerned we're not going to get our win/lose statement that I need to have for tax purposes," said Kathy Madrid of Coarsegold.

Gamblers pay taxes on winnings and can write off some losses. Chukchansi always gave out W-2G forms for winners, but losses piled up unaccounted -- usually until the casino sent statements people can use when they file.

"I have the forms from the jackpots that we did win at the casino, but I don't really save anything else any more," Madrid said.

For now, nobody seems to know if the process can go smoothly with the casino in flux. The Tex McDonald faction, which does not occupy the casino, told me they don't have access to the numbers.

"They have the documents over there," said Donna Featherstone, the sitting chair of the McDonald faction. "(They) illegally took over. They're rogue. They were never appointed and they were never voted in."


Anonymous said...

Checks for members that where still enrolled back then? Reggie group probably split them up so they could afford to pay the reaming members to keep them off their backs. What will the Reggie group and Rosette do when all the funds run dry sell Chukchansi Inc assets? Like the Oakhurst lumber yard Sierra Star article claims to be unrelated? When will the Bond holders pull the rug out from under the tribe sell the place? Comes to it will be some mad Rez Indians looking for answers.

Anonymous said...

Just implode this place already.

Anonymous said...

Wheres my money bitches?

Anonymous said...

I did not get a check also! Where is it at?

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