Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chukchansi Tribe has smoke screen Election

There was a meeting, where repotedly tribal members were paid to attend, to try to convince the Feds that all is better now at Chukchansistan.  These greedy bastards should have their recognition voided.

Here is the full press release: 
A quorum of all voting members the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians came together Saturday in the largest turnout in the Tribe's history to affirm the six Tribal leaders of the “Unification Council” to execute the reopening agreement with the NIGC and to administer elections for all seven Tribal Council seats. This was only the fourth time since the Tribe adopted its Constitution in 1988 that a General Council meeting reached quorum and was able to conduct business on behalf of the Tribe. The turnout was the largest in the Tribe's history and the outpouring of support from members to reopen the casino and have an election was evident throughout the meeting.
All adult members of the Tribe were invited to attend and many hundreds of Tribal members recognized the need to reopen the casino in order to keep the tribal government functioning and to repay holders of bonds issued by the Tribe to pay for the construction of its casino resort. Tribal members affirmed that the six tribal leaders who make up of the “Unification Council” – Chance Alberta, Nancy Ayala, Nokomis Hernandez, Tracey Hopkins, Reggie Lewis and Karen Wynn – have the Tribe's constitutional authority to act as the Tribe's interim governing body until elections for all seven Tribal Council seats are contested in an election to be held no later than May 2, 2015. The Tribal members also voted to use the membership list as it was in place for the December 2012 Tribal Council elections.
“This was a historic moment for our Tribe in charting a path to reopen our casino, to restore order to our government, to provide services to our members and to silence any group attempting to sew confusion and discord,” stated Reggie Lewis, Co-Chairman of the Unification Council, a body created by quorums of the elected and recognized Tribal Councils from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Co-Chairwoman, Nancy Ayala stated, “As a proud people, the Chukchansi have had to endure hardship and harsh conditions in order to survive and the overwhelming support that the General Council bestowed upon us as tribal leaders is an honor which we take seriously.”
With the support and recognition of the adult members of the Tribe, the six members of the Unification Council will continue in its efforts to reopen the casino, restore community confidence and resume honoring its obligations to the community.
The General Council loudly confirmed that only members who were listed on the Tribe's Base Membership Roll on February 21, 2013 are members of the Tribe. A neutral third-party election service company, True Ballot, Inc. oversaw the voting on the resolution adopted by the General Council which was the same procedure used on March 10, 2012 when the Tribe was confronted with a dissident group claiming to be the governing body of the Tribe


Anonymous said...

What a shame! We couldn't even get through a simple lunch before the infighting continued!!! Everything seemed fine at first. Then i saw Morris Reid and remembered he filed a law suit a few weeks a go against Lewis/Ayala faction and thought for a moment, this is not going to turn out well.

As lunch was being served i was thinking oh boy! We finally are coming together! Lets break bread and try to get the casino opened again. Yeah right. Wishful thinking.

After the prayer all HELL broke loose! I think it was the Morris Reid clan because he was standing up in the middle of the floor talking to the people seated for lunch while his peeps interrupted Lewis's opening statement. We couldn't hear what they were saying and we were right front center.

I thought chairs, glass cups, and metal silverware were going to be flying our way soon! There were children and elderly there. My Aunts were in here 90's. They were scared!

Then as headed to start the voting process, it was a cluster "You know what", It was not fun at all>
Shame on those who couldn't behave in a civilized way!!

And we wonder why the white man didn't like us??? We don't even like each other!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad truth we ALL have bad actors who think they are more beloNing Tha ALL.
our Ancestors are praying for ALL to come together. No one is more than ALL

TheGrateSnuffleupagus said...

Buy votes much? 300+ members paid $1,000 and a scuffle brakes out. What a wast cant even get along all that good food wasted.Good luck. The tribal membership will be cut back, to save monies many of you sealed your own fate with greed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at January 25, 2015 at 9:34 AM:
You sound like you could write propaganda for Reggie. But I know you're full of it because Reggie could be heard loud a clear, especially when he said go vote yes to get your check and open the casino. Then the microphones were turned off, over and over.

As far as coming together, it's not the people getting the chance to decide this. Reggie is looking to rig another election because he knows he'll lose again. That's why he wants to pick who votes, ie. all those eligible after December 2012. Sure, most everyone wants a clean slate election, but it truly isn't.

And why would anyone vote for him anyway? He's run businesses into the ground, failed to file the gaming documents even though he was in charge for many months when they were due (including Nancy's failure), and ultimately started this fiasco when he lost an election. Thus he could be considered even more at fault for the casino closure than Tex McDonald's raid.

At this point I would rather keep the casino closed as it has only unleashed greed and evilness amongst our people. It could have done great things. Like preserve cultural resources, continue educational opportunities, and be a positive influence on the community. Instead we have the last few years to show for it.