Thursday, January 29, 2015

BIA Will NOT Overturn Decision to Recognize 2010 Chukchansi Tribal Council

From a Facebook page of Chukchansi Member:

The meeting on Saturday will not overturn the BIAs decision to recognize the 2010 tribal council . 

It is too bad the people's referendum to have an immediate clean slate election was not presented to the people fairly. 

We talked with Dale Risling about what is the best way to resolve this matter. He tells us that our Clean Slate Election referendum that we tried to present on Saturday was a solution to our problem. 

Maybe it is time for all members to stop thinking of their favorite faction and get on board with the IMMEDIATE clean slate election. 

My family and I were able to get 200 signatures at the meeting. We need members to sign that referendum. Dale Risling tells us yesterday that we are on the right path with that referendum.

When will the Chukchansi Tribe tire of being the laughingstock of Native American Tribes?  They could LEAD on the issue by bringing ALL the people home and by doing the right thing for 800 Native people.  Then THEY could point and laugh and Pechanga, Pala, Enterprise and Redding to name a few.


Anonymous said...

Where were you? I was at the meeting also and saw a bunch of wild indians pushing shouting and yelling at each other.
If Morris Reid's group is in charge, then why aren't they doing anything about it? I just see them bicker and complain from the sidelines. If they are the 2010 tribal council, then why don't they take charge and act like leaders?
You know why, it's because they have no clout in any shape or form!!! Powerless!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

@ January 29, 2015 at 6:22 PM

Are you mad? Because BIA won't recognize Nancy & Reggie's shenanigans? Not to mention the tribe is broke and the $1000.00 you all received most likely will be your last Per Capita check. The Morris group has been taking action through the courts not by throwing money around to buy votes like Reggie & Nancy always do.

Anonymous said...

Reggie is a fcking joke and what the fuck is up with all the niggers in that video when a bunch of us real indians got disenrolled hope they get what they deserve and the casino gets liquidated.

Anonymous said...

Yes i am mad motherfucker cocksucker!!! I am mad because no one is addressing the 50 million that is missing. Yes i got my chicken shit mother fucking 1000 dollars just like everyone else that was at that meeting?
I even saw the fuck nuts from reid's group on stage collecting their money too!!
I saw all the assholes against us collecting money and talking shit about how we are greedy and sold out during this meeting and taking the money as if we are with Reggie and Nancy. I got news for you buddy. I took the money just LIKE you hypocrite ass did!!! So fuck YOU!!
Lets face it, the casino may never open again and we will never recoup our 50 million. Yes i don't want the casino to open again if its going to be run by the mother fucking assholes who were in charge when the 50 million was missing. They are all guilty and have blood on their hands!
So be it if this is the last check!! Because frankly i don;t give a fuck anymore!!!

so yes i am mad and FUCK YOU!!!~

Anonymous said...

What's $50 million between a few thieves?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

@ January 31, 2015 at 10:40 PM

I am Sorry that is where you are wrong. I did not collect a check...

Anonymous said...

The name calling again with the n word. Do u research the King Family is part of the Chukchansi tribe with the bloodline and the land to prove it.

Anonymous said...

what is with the name calling? The other guy January 31, 2015 at 10:40 PM defiantly still cares. It don't take Captain Obvious to see that they are rage typing.