Friday, January 16, 2015

BY BLOOD FREEDMEN STORY Chosen as San Diego Black Film Festival's Opening Day Selection

Great News for those who think fighting for JUSTICE is a good thing.  The San Diego Black Film Festival will be showing a documentary on BLACK Native Americans, descendants of slaves and including those the CHEROKEE dragged on the TRAIL OF TEARS.... as PROPERTY.

Our Opening Day Film: "By Blood," the story of the Freedmen (Native Americans of African descent) struggle for acceptance and membership into the Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw Nations, accompanied by the short "Hate From A Distance." Thursday January 29 (7:30PM). T

Documenting the Struggle of the FREEDMEN

Read more about the Cherokee Freedmen  and help in the search for justice for all tribal people that have been harmed by their own people.

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White Buffalo said...

This is a good thing. Being someone's property is something we do know about as well. When our ancestors were made to build the Missions of CA those missionaries had the Spanish armies to enforce their will. Make no mistake these Missionaries and solders were brutal. It is hard to comprehend that even Indians could do this same thing. I guess cruelty know every race and ethnicity. Now we see a repeat of cruelty from Indians on their own people. How many tears of the disenrolled is it going to take for the rest of Indian country to wake up from this madness.