Sunday, January 11, 2015

#StopTribalGenocide: Video of San Pasqual Protest

For a wet, soggy and rainy three hours, over 90 men, women and children stood in protest against the violations of rights of the San Pasqual people.    Some were there from PALA and Pechanga, standing in solidarity for those that have been disenrolled.

Today was election day, and we'll have word on the results later.  Here is a video of the protest, we'll have more later:

 There will be another protest tomorrow at the BIA office in Riverside. PLEASE ATTEND or join the twitterstorm.

Here's the second video, filmed after the one above...some calm words from San Pasqual member Huu'may as he emplored the protesters to be people, you can hear the anguish in the voices.


Natasha Johnson said...
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Native Diamond said...

This is just the beginning ...Expect Us.!

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