Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Redding Rancheria's ANNIVERSARY of SHAME: Foreman family on 8 years of Termination

Much of the latest news on disenrollment focuses on the despicable Picayune Rancheria, but this month marks the eight year of terminations for the Foreman family. We have detailed their story before, but Carla Foreman Maslin shares her story with us. You can look in on their family website the fine, which has a lot of stories about the shameful acts on Indian people, perpetrated BY Indians

From Carla:

I remember this month as every year it comes to haunt me. This month January 2004 is when my family's tribe, the Redding Rancheria, unjustly dis-enrolled my whole family.

We are true lineal descendants thru my great grandmother Virginia "Lela" Ortis-Timmons. As Martin Luther King Day recognizes civil rights, I can't help but think of my sister Debbie during this time.

She was fired by the Redding ...Rancheria as she was the last "Foreman" family member standing in her job. They have been trying to get her out for some time. Debbie worked for the Indian Health Service for almost 40 years. She started as a young single mother & stayed working for the Native American community long before the Redding Rancheria got it's tribal status. She is a California Pit River Indian on her Father's side. She was very dedicated to the people & watched many of the patients grow from babies to adults.

Debbie's rights as a tribal member was violated along with her family in 2004, and now her rights are violated as an employee & to think she was voted "Employee of the Year" just prior to her tribal dis-enrollment. Debbie went to work with her head up everyday under the tyranny. A place that is supposed to be healthy for the employees & patients is now an unhealthy place & to think it is funded by federal dollars.

I find that when a Health Director who was hired to do the dirty work & has a past of embezzelment, sexual harrassment, lying & cheating, it will all become even more unhealthy for the patients. I never thought that I would be so ashamed of my tribe. Debbie & I served on the tribal council as we were voted in for many terms & we always wanted things to be done right with moral & ethical values for the people. I love my sister & many patients are upset about this injustice.

Prayers to my sister & may the Creator make her a stronger woman & bless her for standing strong in the face of the evil injustice & betrayal.

Read More about the Foreman family HERE and follow the links


Anonymous said...

My deepest sympathy to your sister for the loss of her job. The tribal health clinic is actually the one who has the loss. My prayers to you and your family.

EV said...

Carla, sorry about your sister losing her job - I know her pain, experienced both disenrollment and loss of my job. All tribal officials throughout this country responsible for their acts of betrayal will, hopefully burn in hell.

Joseph Newman said...

This is a shame is goes against our elders is just how the three tribes going by the name SAPONI in North Carolina is REFUSING ALL descendants of the Actual historical Saponi enrollment.... the people in the 3 Saponi tribe sin NC was never named on any historical Saponi records nor any of their surnames....yet every single person from the families and surnames on the Actual historical Saponi records is compeltely denied enrollment....and if any of these families question it they are threatened with harassment lawsuits....if they discuss it on any native american message board... these 3 tribe's people jump on the message boards claiming the Actual descendants is fakes...even though these descendants have the documents to back it up and these 3 groups don't have a single member with documentation.

Joseph Newman said...

All of us people need to band together and stand up to these bullies that is attacking our Heritage, race, and our own history of who we are....we must band together and stand up in force....TECUMSEH of the Shawnee had a good plan but not enough nativ epeople banded together fully.....there is strength in numbers.....WE need to inform ALL the tax payers who is funding this corruption about how their TAX money is being spent...inform them how their TAX money is going toward funding all of this crap.

Joseph Newman said...

We need to get more people together to all post videos on youtube to let these stories be told more..... is my email.

Joseph Newman said...

The usa government apprently is not allowed to get involved in tribal affairs..however a majority of their funding is coming thru the casinos....casinos is behind all these disenrollments and mistreatment of tribal we can start a OCCUPY Casino's the Occupy wall street movement.... pick a day that people boycott all the casinos in the USA ... it woud make national news..and the citizens of the USA would be forced to know whats going on and what their money is funding. OCCUPY CASINOS STOP THE CORRUPTION