Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama's White House BANS NBA Player from Visits, but Welcomes Redding Rancheria's Vice Chairman Potter, a convicted Felon.

Are there degrees of felonies?

A December meeting with Obama for a felon:

Attending the Friday, Dec. 2, conference at the Department of Interior in Washington, D.C., was Redding Rancheria’s tribal Vice Chairman Jack Potter Jr., 40, a resident of Round Mountain in Shasta County.

Having attended the first Tribal Nations Conference in 2009, it was Potter’s second time to be an official delegate and the third year that Redding Rancheria has had someone at the Tribal Nations Conference.

Yet, in the news today:

The Dallas Mavericks have earned themselves a visit to the White House on Monday, as each of the 2011 champions will be awarded a meeting with President Barack Obama, along with new editions to the 2011-12 Mavs outfit. All save for one Maverick, oft-troubled off guard Delonte West.

West, who had a high profile arrest over two years ago while under the influence of prescribed medication, is "banned" (to use his words) from stepping foot in the White House after the president's security team ran a routine background check on the guard

So, the department of Interior doesn't do background checks on their tribal visitors?


Anonymous said...

reminds me of how saginaw chippewa council member bernie sprague got to pose for pictures with obama despite being a murder suspected, alleged felon, alleged arsonist, etc. no background check

Anonymous said...

How hideous + repulsive!