Friday, January 27, 2012

After Stealing $350 MILLION from Its People, Pechanga Will Pay Out $100,000 in Slot Tournament attempt to set record

Interesting PR piece. The largest slot tournament with a payout of $100K total. Yet not getting news, is the fact that Pechanga has pulled off one of the largest thefts in California's Indian Gaming Country:   Over $350 MILLION has been stolen by the tribe, from rightful members who have had their tribal citizenship stripped. That doesn't include what they've kept from rightful members via an unconstitutional moratorium.

The violations of civil and basic human righs is staggering, as a tribe that practices APARTHEID: is not called out on it by civil rights groups such as the NAACP and ACLU.

I think that the people of CA should make this attempt a failure.   Do not stand with civil rights abusers.

Read puff piece on tourney here


Anonymous said...

Pffft! James Joaquin Fletcher has a lot of nerve! Criminal lies, steals, commits criminal acts against helpless victims under color of his underwear...whatever!

Do people play with no buy-in?

Good luck to winners; even if they win, they never know....malfunctions...strong arm? threats and intimidation?

smokeybear said...

What say we revisit that "Filthy Rich"..."Darrel Issa" and his inability to take a stand on "Human and Civil Rights Violations" on his watch. I can't believe that this "Poor Excuse" for a "Human Being" can't see the "Forrest Beyond The Trees." He has the ability and means to "Instigate an Oversight Hearing" and address the Corrupt and Criminal Acts of these "Treasonous Tribal Leaders" within his charge. It's so sad that he allows these "Tribes" to strip true "Lineal Decendents" of their "Birthrights and Heritage," and refuses to act in their defense. What part of standing up for all "Native Americans" doesn't he "Understand? This "Clowm" has more "Money" then he could ever spend in "10 Lifetimes," so what is his "Problem?" Is he "That Afraid" of the "Big Bad Wolves...A.K.A...Criminal Tribal Leaders? Or maybe the "Power" he per-seaves that they possesss? Could it be he is afraid for his "Job?" Then there is a "Distinct" possibilty: "It's all about the Money?" It's a known fact that some of these "Politicians Thirst For Money, and Power" can't be "Quenched!" "Issa," know this: "You Can't Take It With You!" You know of the "Grievous Acts" against true "Native Americans" throughout Indian Country that has no "Rhyme Or Reason" except for the "Greed" of the "Casino Indians" and you allow this to "Happen Without Question!" You need to take a stand for the "Oppressed Indian" and now it's time to: "Do Your Job!".. It is time that you: "Champion" the rights of all "Indians" in your charge. You "Can Change" what's happening in "Indian Country" for the better. You have the "Power,"...Now use it "Wisely!"

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT Pechanga.