Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pechanga's Constitution says: Open Enrollment in January for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians

Open Enrollment to the Pechanga Tribe in January. Call for Application. If they tell you there is a moratorium, simply ask them how that could be with the constitution saying open enrollment. The Pechanga Tribal Council has ruled that the people can't overrule the constitution on membership issues, therefore, the moratorium would be illegal.

The Pechanga Bylaws and Constitution provide for OPEN ENROLLMENT each January. If you believe you belong in the tribe, you should request an application. If the tribe believes in their guiding constitution, you should rightfully be enrolled if you can prove your bloodlines

The address from the Pechanga website for contacting their Tribal Government is:
Pechanga Enrollment Committee
PO BOX 1477
Temecula, CA 92593

fax: (951) 695-1778

Don't take NO for an answer. It's IN the constitution. Call and ask for Frances Miranda. You can go to the government center for a packet.


Anonymous said...

Typical misleading comment and analysis by the disgruntled non-members. Individuals may submit an application for enrollment during the annual period (the month of January). The moratorium on enrollment did not close this window for applications. This window opens every year. Nor did the moratorium end enrollment of newborns and minors of enrolled tribal members. Enrollment of these individuals continues to happen. The moratorium applies only to enrollment of adult individuals who have submitted an enrollment application after a given date set by the Pechanga people during the '90s. This moratorium does not conflict with the tribal constitution because this document does not guarantee enrollment of an applicant. Further, nothing in the tribal constitution prohibits the Pechanga people from instituting a conditional enrollment moratorium. As a clarification, the removal of the non-members from the Pechanga roll did not strip them of anything, only returned them to their true status as non-members. These non-members should never have been enrolled in the first place. When challenged as to their membership credentials, the non-members failed to carry the burden of proof to establish membership. The non-members did not have the facts on their side. Under its delegated authority, the Pechanga Enrollment Committee duly removed these non-members. This removal corrected an error, and thus conformed the membership roll to the membership criteria.

'aamokat said...

Sounds like Anotherview has showed up again.

Hey, why are you even talking about disenrollment?

The issue we are talking about here is the moratorium so stick to the subject at hand.

The Band's constitution and bylaws says the people are the final authority in all government and business matters of the Band except as stipulated in the constitution and bylaws.

Well the constitution and bylaws does stipulate that the Band's enrollment committee is to open up the enrollment the first month of each year and it doesn't stipulate that the people can impose a moratorium on any new members.

You are twisting things to make them fit your agenda by saying taking applications means that the enrollment is open.

You can say all you want that the people had the authority to keep people out of the tribe but it doesn't make it legal and it certainly doesn't make it right.

Really, the only thing you have is the abuse of sovereignty as, so far, there is no one to make you follow your own rules.

Explain how having the moratorium for going on 15 years is anything but greed on your part.

Also, explain how keeping people out of the tribe who actually beat the deadline for your bogus moratorium law is legal as even if wasn't unconstutional, there are people who should have been in all of those years.

Anonymous said...

The Hunters NEVER had a status as "non-members" in fact, they had status as MEMBERS, as revealed in sworn testimony from living Pechanga people in 1915.

That was before casinos, correct? So the lie about returning our status is exposed.

Anonymous said...

Uh, if there is a moratorium on adults as that buffoon stated, how did Bobbi LeMere's adult family get enrolled?

smokeybear said...

I'm getting a little "Tired" of that "Clown" calling all of us "Non-Members. We are all "Members" in our own "Right!"

Anonymous said...

What became of the fradulent dated Sept 13,2009 petition "The purpose of this petition is to establish a base roll that is permissible within our Tribal law.(lie) The Pechanga Constitution and bylaws states membership is determined through proven lineal descent to an "Original Pechanga Temecula People."The ancestors of all current enrolled members have historically been recognized by our illegitimately enrolled fradulent ...ok...ok...we lie like always. We work hard to lie, steal, and cheat any way we can..
Do not worry our fellow thieves..we work to keep secret all illegal enrollments by 'sealing'theives identities.

Further, as you all know, council, chair, and Development Corp are all corrupt as well and adhere to all practices of continued criminal acts against legitimate Pechanga descendants. to be continued. This sucker of intentional deception is long. p.s. You will recognize your fellow theives by the strong odor of sulfur indicative of our evilness.

Our elders who have begotten their wicken progeny will go down with a puff of black aura when they are ready to return back to hades.

Anonymous said...

p.s. "If any part of this petition is deemed invalid, unjustified, or un lawful, that which remains is self-sustaining and capable of separate enforcement."(Ahem! This bogus petition is deemed invalid,unjustified, or lawful. Nothing is self-sustaining and capable of separate enforcement.)