Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Year in Review at Original Pechanga's Blog

We at Original Pechanga's Blog would like to thank all our readers for their loyalty to our website. In our four years, we have made many new friendships, and we have worked hard to get the word out about the despicable action of tribal disenrollment.

Corrupt tribal councils, like my own, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, led by Mark Macarro, sadly are one of the most egregious in California's Indian Gaming Country. At this point, the despicable Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, led by Reggie Lewis, and with their current disenrollment attempts has to be the worst offender.

Disenrollment has received quite a bit of attention lately, thanks to an article from the New York Times, which helped it get some play in the National Review. And even Indian Country Today put up an article, even though they think it's ONLY a per capita issue and misses the power grab by eliminating voting blocs.

The esteemed website Turtle Talk, a blog on Indigenous Law, led by Matthew Fletcher has disenrollment as their number one issue in 2011. Mr. Fletcher was recently on Native America Calling speaking on behalf of disenrollment (though not necessarily in favor)

Here are our top five stories in terms of page views in 2011:

5. On Tribal Disenrollments and the Beginning of the End of Sovereignty  A re-post of a 2008 post. 2599 page views

4. The Loss of Tribal Citizenship is Serious and Offensive.  3756 page views

3. Pala Band Shames Themselves…   4376 page views.

2. Follow the Money, Per Capita Theft reaches $500 MILLION  6956 page views

1. Does Mark Macarro’s Tribal Council Practice APARTHEID… 7477 page views.

So, you can see, this blog is not only about what Pechanga has done to so many of us. We have tried to reach out to all those affected by their tribes, and Pala has received a lot of attention from readers. We thank Carolyn Lubenau, for leadership on the Snoqualmie issue, and of course, Carla Maslin, of the Foreman family of the Redding Rancheria for her help in keeping the blog out there.  And John Gomez, Jr. for his consistentcy in keeping us all focused.

PLEASE share our blog with your friends and family and ask them to do the same. Help our spotlight on the corruption to get brighter, and send the roaches scurrying into the dark.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone who had been dis-enrolled or reclassified should write to President Obama or the head of the DOI and voice ther opinion. What is the charge 44 cents. Hey get with it maybe if we all could write "Why me I have a roll number"! This corruption at its best. People with valid ID's being shuffled to the side for what? The big price per captia for a small group of people. Greed at its best! Who all has their fingers in the tild? Those people sitting on the council? our native cousin's plus those in the legal department of the BIA.