Thursday, January 12, 2012

San Manuel Donation Allows SB Sheriff's Reserves to buy Bullet-proof Vests

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians donated more than $19,000 to San Bernardino County sheriff's Highland reserve deputies on Tuesday, allowing the volunteers to purchase new bullet-proof vests and Taser guns.

San Manuel Chairman James Ramos presented the $19,864 check to the reserve unit in Highland City Council chambers.

The sheriff's Highland station has nine reserve deputies who logged nearly 4,000 hours of volunteer service in 2011.

Funny, with Pechanga's Masiel Crime Family, Riverside Deputies are more likely to NEED bullet-proof vests.


White Buffalo said...

That is the truth; Pechanga has yet to come to an agreement with the county sheriffs like they were supposed to. Remember the ballot issue last year um two years ago, more money for more slots. Funny how that issue just went away.

Anonymous said...

But isnt the San Manuel tribe known to allow the Mexicn Mafia to live on it's reservation?...I think I read it on this site!